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Aussie Home Inventories : Home Inventory Service

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Your Home

Concerned About Home Property & Contents Loss? Due To:

  • Natural Disaster - Bush Fire, Lightning, Cyclone, Flood, Hail, Storm, Wind
  • Accidental Property Fire - Electrical, Cigarette, Cooking, Heating
  • Crime & Theft

Aussie Home Inventories is committed to helping you to address your concerns of home property and content loss. We offer you a Home Inventory Service that supplies you with a professional Digital Home Inventory. This is the answer to your concerns, providing you with an up-to-date record of both your property and contents. Ask your insurance agent about the benefits of a Digital Home Inventory. Learn what we think & our clients say are the benefits & features of our Home Inventories:

Benefits & Features Of A Home Inventory

An Inventory Could Save You $$$'s - Stopping You From Being Under-Insured When You Suffer A Loss!

The following video by Money Talks [America] with Stacey Johnson, simply states the obvious solution. A Home Inventory, when it comes to being prepared for loss.

Rich Connette a Property Loss Consultant states, "I've yet to meet a person in 17 years, that knew exactly everything that they owned. The insurance company wants you to write down everything, down to the sock! If you don't remember, the insurance companies like that because that's just less money that they have to pay out."


So are you one of the homeowners Rich is talking about, "Virtually zero homeowners are prepared enough to make their insurance company pay." We hope not!

Tell Me More About Your Home Inventories!

A Home Inventory from AHI is a documented record of your personal property and home. This can include garages, sheds and off-site storage locations. We take care of the task that most of you wish you had got around to before its too late. The daunting task of recording your home, belongings and memories. An Aussie Home Inventory will protect and prepare your financial well being and has great emphasis for many of you in the 'peace of mind' it supplies.

Anecdotal evidence from research by the ICA [Insurance Council Of Australia] indicates that up to 35% of all home contents are markedly under-insured. The average NSW home has contents valued at [$52,500], thus this under-insurance equates to a staggering $18,375!

Aussie Home Inventories shows you how to gain control of your insurance. Giving you the protection you NEED!

A Lot Can Be Gained By Spending Little!

How Many Electrical Items Do You Have?

How Long Would It Take You To Create A List, To Forward To The Police After A Theft?

Don't Waste Time After A Theft - Every Minute Decreases The Chances
Of Recovering Stolen Personal Belongings!

To increase theft recovery you need the details asap, to be forwarded to the authorities asap! - Computers, sound systems, mobile phones, children's toys, games, DVD / CD's. All of these items often resemble a high $$$ figure and a high proportion of the total contents value in your home. All these items are easily and quickly removed from a property in the case of theft. The good news is: Nearly All Electrical Items Have Model & Serial Numbers, making them easy to record, track & locate.

An Aussie Home Inventory consultant will record all of this information for you, giving you quick access to the information when you need it. We offer you the option of having these contents ID tagged by UV marker pen.

What Have You To Lose? Professional Documentation Of Personal Property
Saving You The Time At The Time Of Need!
Recording What Matters To You!

Do You Call Your Insurance Company To Update Your Policy As Soon As You Purchase A New Item?
Most People Do Not! So How Do You Really Expect Them To Know The $$$$ Of Your Contents?

Often the insurance renewal arrives months later and is often 'just' settled without any afterthought to the additional items. Your policy as it stands at this time, is only going to cover you for your previously insured items and not the new ones. Why? Because you have not supplied any evidence of purchase, nor amended your premium to reflect your updated contents value. So you are now one of the under-insured! Remember that typically the replacement cost is higher than the original cost. An Aussie Home Inventory will make you aware at once of what you have. Helping you to assess how much you should be paying for your insurance policy.

Download our Insurance Cover Guide listing insured events, additional features and optional covers.

How Good Is Your Memory? - Find Out Now!
Lost Property Test [PDF FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader]
While Your Memory May Not Be 100% Accurate After An Event Due To Stress / Trauma Our Inventories Are!



Aussie Home Inventories offers you these Easy Home Inventory Options.

              Option I  - Photographic Inventory
              Option II - Database Inventory [Detailed]
              Option III - Database Inventory [Plus - Additional Details]
              Option IV - Written Inventory
              Option V - Express Inventory [DVD]

All our Home Inventory options are easily customised and tailored to suit your needs. See the table below for details of what we supply you with, regarding Options I,II,III. We are quick / thorough and use specialised Home Inventory Software [Options II,III only]. We will leave you with a Home Inventory that is easily accepted by insurance companies and authorities. If you want an inventory created differently than the above, CONTACT US.



Digital Photographic : Database : Written - Inventories Designed To Suit Your Needs!




Home Inventory Service Options

All Of Our Inventories Include A Certificate Of Inventory Completion

Home Inventory Services

Home Inventory Completion Certificate

Aussie Home Inventories - Home Inventory Service Options



Option I


Option II


Option III



Accurate & Quick


Most Popular



Digital Photographic Inventory On Two CD's







Printed Easy Reference Index Sheet Of Images on CD







Database Input - Item, Location, Manufacturer, Model, Serial No.







Database Input - Cost, Replacement







Suitable For Estate Planning







Optional One Year FREE Off-Site Storage [OSS]







Optional One Year FREE Annual Update Program [AUP]







Optional DVD Video Of Property & Contents







Documents Scanned Into Inventory







Written Guarantee







Certificate Of Inventory Completion







Inventory Completed On-Site







Presented In Binder







Presented In Portfolio







Upgradable / Further Additions







Optional Online Inventory Storage [Your Choice Of FREE / Paid]



























Call Us

Check out our PRODUCTS page for more information on our affordable Home Inventory Services.




Easily Book An Appointment By Contacting Our Offices - CALL NOW! We Are Waiting To Take Your Call!




Written Inventory - Your Home Inventory List


Written Inventory Option IV - $77.00 HIS Hourly Rate - Sometimes we get asked if we can simply do a Written Inventory. The answer is YES! This is the ideal solution if you want a printed list. No computers needed, no database. This option can be added to the Photographic Inventory [Option I] for selected items. We use a pre-formatted list and take inventory for you. We supply you with a printed home Inventory List completed by hand.




Getting You Started On Taking A Complete Inventory


Express Inventory [DVD] Option V - $97.00 - DVD Video Recording - Often the problem is getting started on taking inventory. The Express Inventory is a simple solution when we are in your area! A quick accurate and professional recording of your property, for when you are short of time or do not have the tools for the job. Inventory recording time, allows for 45 min of high quality recording and processing time. We supply you with a Home Inventory Recording on DVD disk.




The Most Secure Way For Inventory Storage


Off-site Storage - $47.00 - OSS saves you the hassle of a damaged or lost Inventory CD. Your inventory data kept secure as a back-up, in an off-site safe deposit box. You have the option of the Annual Update Program should you request it to complement this service. [Annual Fee]




The Easy Way To Keep Inventories  Updated


Annual Update Program - $ 97.00 - AUP allows AHI to easily update the inventory for you throughout the year. Included are two updates per annum via e-mail, fax or post. We call you to ask for inventory changes and update the home inventory for you on CD. Returning the updated inventory to you, helping to minimise your concerns of keeping your inventory up to date.




Records & Documentation Of Property Are As Important As A Will! Are You Prepared!



Home Inventory Appointment

On arrival and whilst in your home our Home Inventory Consultants will:

      • Provide ID by showing you a AHI ID Badge and Australian Police Clearance Check
      • Confirm what you wish to be recorded into the inventory.
      • Discuss any additional service requests and costs.
      • Encourage your participation in taking inventory, understanding your privacy needs.
      • Conduct the inventory room by room digitally recording selected items.
      • Confirm that Aussie Home Inventories is fully insured.
      • Treat your belongings with care and respect.
      • Present you with the Home Inventory and a Certificate Of Inventory Completion if your choice of inventory option allows this whilst in your home.

Home Inventory Information & Data is retained by Aussie Home Inventories only if decided by you and your choice of inventory service options. By default we will not retain any of your inventory data after the inventory has been created. Choosing the Off-site Storage option and Annual Update Program, will allow us access to your inventory information when you request it.

All our inventories are backed by our Written Guarantee. [PDF]FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. For further information on your personal privacy and inventory data collected please visit our PRIVACY page. We offer you these excellent Home Inventory Services with complete confidentiality, because our reputation depends on our professionalism and integrity.

If you have questions, CONTACT US or visit our FAQ [Frequent Asked Questions].

Further home & family protection is provided by our home safety products available during the taking of inventory. Visit our PRODUCTS page for information on: Fire Safes - Smoke Alarms - First Aid Kits Inventory Gift Vouchers




Easily Book An Appointment By Contacting Our Offices - CALL NOW! We Are Waiting To Take Your Call!

Click For 'My Home Inventory Software'

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