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Aussie Home Inventories [AHI] offers you an exclusive range of Home Inventory Services.

We offer you Property Documentation Services & Products, helping you prepare your home and family for loss through disaster, emergency, accident & theft. Supplying the documentation, products & information you need, when preparing for loss.

We further offer Home Electricity Reduction Services & Products via our other business AUSSIE HOME ENERGY. A business focussed on helping Australians with the important task of REDUCING ELECTRICITY COSTS in the home.

Home Inventory Service - Property Records & Documentation

Did You Know Most People Find It Very Difficult Creating An Accurate List Of Property After A Loss?

Why Gamble With Your Assets, Your Home? – When the Simple Solution Is A Home Inventory That Documents Your Property Before Any Loss – Making Sure You Are Prepared!

The last few years has seen an increase in loss by Natural Disasters. This has created a desire by households and business, to be prepared for future dangerous situations. The demand for our inventory services has grown! Households, property owners, landlords and tenants have become too aware that property replacement and recovery, would have been a lot easier if they had records and documentation prior to the event.
If you are looking to prepare your family, your home, for loss, then Aussie Home Inventories can help you in getting prepared! We will supply you with an Home Inventory that is professional, accurate and reliable. A true record of your property and contents. Your completed Home Inventory will allow you to:
  • Prepare & File An Insurance Claim Quickly
  • Quickly Forward The Information To Authorities, To Assist In A Speedy Recovery.

Natural Disasters Are Becoming More Frequent & Severe Due To Climate Change!

How many people have you heard of being affected by recent natural disasters, bush fires, floods, hail, tropical cyclones and storm? After a loss people always call their insurance company, after the emergency services. Non-natural disasters are just as important, as they too can create large losses. The NSW Rural Fire Service reports :

  • 42% Of House Fires Start In The Kitchen – 15% In The Bedroom!
  • On Average 20% Of The Property Is On Fire Before Help Arrives!

Ask Yourself Why You Are NOT PREPARED For Loss? - When Your Insurance Supplier Is Stating The Following!

Suggested – “A detailed Home Contents Inventory could make your insurance claim much quicker and easier, thus getting you back on track sooner. Plus, you can store other important information, images and documents, like a copy of your passport or wills, certificates and qualifications.
Required – You must give us the evidence of value and ownership of lost, stolen or damaged goods or property, especially for articles such as: jewellery, artwork and collections – you should keep your purchase record and valuation certificates which shows the value of the item as well as highlighting proof of ownership. – Source GIO website.

A Home Inventory Of Your Property & Valuables Is The Information You Will Need!

The Truth Is Out There! - You Can Confirm What We Are Saying As Easy As 1-2-3!

  1. Read Your Product Disclosure Statement [PDS] & Confirm The Documents You Need!
  2. Call Your Insurance Supplier – Confirm What The PDS States 100% – Ask About Any Additional Requirements. Ask About Details On Their Discounts For Policies Including A Home Inventory!
  3. Take Inventory Of Your Hard Earned Possessions ASAP – Short Of Time? Contact Us

The Only Person That Has The Answer To What You Need Insuring Is You!

You Need To Know The Value AT ALL TIMES To Eliminate Under-Insurance!

Aussie Home Inventories takes care of the daunting task of recording your home, contents and memories. Giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Our Home Inventory Services prepare you & your family along with protecting your financial well being.

  • You Are Too Busy?
  • You Do Not The Time?
  • You Do Not Know How To Get Started?
  • You Do Not Have The Skills Or Equipment?

We Eliminate All Your Problems Of Taking Inventory! We Take It For You!

Why Gamble With Your Property & Contents? Your Hard Earned Possessions?

Loss Is Random - Preparation Is Not!

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