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Client Referral Programs To Help Family : Friends : Community : Business Clients

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Home Inventory Client Referral Program - Home Inventory Service

This Client Referral Program is ideally suited for the following Professionals:

  • Insurance Companies / Agents.
  • Real Estate Agents.
  • Mortgage Lenders.
  • Law & Legal Services.
  • Home Moving Companies.


Client Referral Program - Home Inventory Service

The following is written specifically for Insurance Companies & Agents.

After A Loss / Disaster, Are All Of Your Clients Going To Be Able To Prove Their Losses?

The answer often is NO! As you are aware a common problem is insufficient documentation, to account for their losses. And over the years you may have been attempting to inform your clients, of the importance of recording / documenting property in case of loss. To often with little success! If this sounds familiar we have a solution for you.

No Documentation Usually Means:

  • The claims process is drawn out.
  • Both you and the client are using time, that could be focused on other tasks.
  • The client's stress increases.
  • The chances of client retention is reduced.

Imagine If All Submitted Claims Were Accurate And On Time! How Would This Affect Your Business?

What would your client say about your business, when their claim is processed fairly and quickly? Would this not be a loyal client for years to come? Your ideal client?

We want to make you aware of a system, that saves you time processing claims. A system that makes sure you know from the onset, what your client has paid insurance for. This system is accurate, when kept up to date. A system that will build your client's trust / loyalty of your services.

This system is a Home Inventory Service. A service that professionally records and documents household property and content.

It is common for many households to put off the idea of taking inventory. Thinking it will not be needed as they could be the house left untouched by loss. Also many homes are under a false sense of protection, thinking you the insurer knows everything! As we have found out over the last few years if that were true, then there would be NO UNDER-INSURANCE!

This is an opportunity to eliminate under-insurance, not just on the client's property but also the contents. Also reducing risks of contents that are incorrectly specified on the policy. How often do clients total the contents, never taking the time to specify items? Only to be stung at claim time!

By using a Home Inventory Service, your clients are going to recover after a loss / disaster, fast! Thanks to services you informed them of prior to the event.

What we are offering here is a system that will:

Help Your Clients : Your Business : Yourself

What we are proposing is this:

  • Together we form a business relationship, giving you leverage over your competition with the advantages already mentioned.
  • We will pay you a Client Referral Fee, when you refer your clients to our Home Inventory Service business.

With very little effort on your behalf, everyone will benefit:

Your Clients, Your Business & You.

This great opportunity will increase your leverage, easily making you more money from your clients due to:

  • Accurate claims.
  • Reduced processing time.
  • Increased client retention.
  • The Client referral fee.
  • Word of mouth advertising.

Not forgetting those new clients of course you wish to get onboard:

  • You now possess a NEW Closing Tool!

For your clients there is an increase of:

  • Trust.
  • Confidence.
  • Stronger Relationships.

The great thing about our Home Inventory Service - Client Referral Program is you also can benefit from:

  • No More Drawn Out Claims!
  • An Efficient Streamlined Claims Department!

If you have been finding it hard to get your clients to take inventory, our service eliminates all their excuses. We take the inventory for them. Our system is easy to manage, accurate, trusted and simply the easy option for you and your clients.

We are sure you would agree a detailed Home / Business Inventory, of insured property / contents, by a third party business is the optimal solution. Necessary for your business to improve efficiency, increase income and gain the advantage over your competition.

Aussie Home Inventories Has The Solution - You Have Been Waiting For!

We will provide professional Home Inventory Services to protect both your home & business client's valuable and sentimental possessions.

We know from experience that clients of Insurance Companies / Agents, are seldom prepared! Insurance statistics back up our beliefs and findings.

Each year thousands of homes and businesses, suffer from burglaries, house fires and natural disaster damage. When natural disasters occur, homes, businesses, personal property, documentation, equipment, valuables, income and memories of a life time are destroyed in a moment.

Our Home Inventory Service uses the latest inventory creation technologies, to create the required records and documentation.

We offer:

  • Written Inventories
  • DVD Inventories
  • Photographic Inventories
  • Database Inventories

All of our Inventory Solutions are:

Backed by our Written Guarantee.

Additionally we offer clients:

Remember this is a great opportunity for you to increase your leverage and income, easily making more money from your clients due to:

  • Accurate claims.
  • Reduced processing time.
  • Increased client retention.
  • Client referral fee.
  • Word of mouth advertising.

Once your client has a Home Inventory, the benefits for your client include:

  • Realising under-insurance and being able to insure the contents for the CORRECT replacement cost.
  • Faster processing of insurance claims, by having 'at hand' accurate records.
  • Allowing the standard of living to remain the same after an event.
  • Minimal disruption to work life or business operations.
  • Easing the thought of relocation, as there are accurate record of contents & their condition, prior to the move.
  • Realising net worth, in reference to estate & financial planning.
  • Being aware of what is in storage at a glance.
  • Creating peace of mind, knowing they are prepared in case of a loss.
  • Being able to sustain and restore losses / damage, without the need to rely on government and charities.
  • Creating a prenuptial agreement.
  • Facilitating and expediting theft recovery.
  • Proving ownership in case of separation or divorce.

See The Value? By using our services you are going to have very happy clients, who will know they are accurately protected and prepared in case of loss.

At this same time, you know the Insurance Policy is accurate and as long as the Inventory is kept up to date, under-insurance is eliminated.

So How Do You Get Involved In This Exciting Business Relationship?

Call our offices. We would like to hear from you and get an idea of who you represent and answer questions you may have.

We will email / post you the Client Referral Vouchers. If you wish you can download it from this page.

Refer a client to us, forward us the completed voucher and as soon as we receive settlement of the clients account, we will forward you a cheque

This is an excellent opportunity for your business to eliminate under-insurance and speed up your claims process.

What Would Your Business Be Like If All Claims Were Accurate And On Time?

Simply refer Aussie Home Inventories to your clients and we will take care of the rest.

You will retain happier clients longer and build stronger relationships, leading to additional business and referrals.

Benefits to you and your business:

  • Increase your client satisfaction.
  • Increase accurate claims.
  • Reduce conflict over losses.
  • Create an efficient claims department.
  • Reduce the workload for loss adjusters.
  • A reduction of fraudulent claims.
  • Increased income opportunity.
  • No additional time or effort.
  • Increased client satisfaction / retention.
  • Added client's peace of mind.
  • Additional sales closure.
  • Increased client referrals and recommendations.

As we mentioned earlier, this Client Referral Program is ideally suited for Professionals in:

  • Real Estate
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Law & Legal Services
  • Home Movers

This program is available to all homes / business that we have created inventories for.

Downloads - Client Referral Voucher : Inventory Features / Benefits


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