Companies are increasingly recognizing the benefits of implementing corporate flu shot programs, in the long run they dramatically reduce the costs and loss of productivity that businesses experience every year due to illness.

These programs are often an attractive benefit to employees and promote good will and have an important role to play in protecting the Australian population as a whole.

Business should view the vaccine as a must-have rather than a nice to have each year, read on below for our top reasons why corporate flu shots are essential to Australian businesses.


The cost of not doing it

woman working while suffering from headache

Influenza typically occurs in three strains throughout Australia, A,B and C. It is exceedingly common amongst the Australian population, especially during autumn and winter and each year affects thousands of people. Influenza causes symptoms like nausea, fever, headache, fatigue, body aches, runny nose, sore throat and cough.

It is often more dangerous than the common cold and every year leads to thousands of hospitalisations and deaths in Australia. It is a very dangerous public health issue and puts the young and elderly most at risk. Influenza sis highly contagious and spreads easily, especially around workplaces where everyone is in regular contact with each other.

Influenza is responsible for a large proportion of workplace absenteeism each year, billions in lost productivity and time and about 110 million lost work days each year. The cost to Australian workplaces is astronomical.

The loss of time and money that businesses experience each year due to illness is staggering, and worse still, it can be addressed through corporate flu shot programs.

The influenza vaccine has been shown to be highly effective and can reduce the occurrence of the illness in the workplace by more than half. The costs associated with implementing a corporate flu shot program are far lower than the costs of not doing it.


Workplace responsibility


Influenza can have devastating effects when brought home to children or elderly family members. Staff whom are immune-compromised might be at serious risk. The most effective way to provide protection to large amounts of the population is through corporate flu shot programs.

They are the single best way to ensure that the Australian population gets the vaccine each year, people spend a significant amount of their day at work after all.

Workplaces have an important role to play in helping to prevent illness in Australian society and have a responsibility to help protect the health and well-being of their employees.

Workplaces make the perfect environment for influenza to spread, so it’s important for companies to do everything within their power to provide a safe and healthy work environment.


Ease and convenience

Corporate flu shot programs are easy to administer and require very little time from companies and employees, ensuring there is no disruption to the work day or loss of productivity.

Corporate flu shots are typically administered on-site and most nurses can administer up to 10 in 3 minutes, so employees need only give up seconds of their time.

The programs are quick, easy and painless and help to prevent absenteeism and loss of productivity later in the year. It’s best to implement them a few months before influenza season to give the vaccine time to take effect.


Education and identifying illness

Corporate flu shot programs are important for educating employees on the illness and preventative measures and also in helping employees to better identify illness and avoid spreading contagions. A more widely vaccinated population also assists with identifying news strains when they arise and helps government departments to act more quickly.