A great backlink strategy is quite vital for the overall success of your SEO. Quality backlinks are important for many reasons; they help to boost your traffic from both the increase in your SEO ranks as well as having your link on another website that users click on.

If you do not have a proper backlink strategy in place, this is something you will need your Sydney SEO agency to change quickly, because you are missing out on all the benefits associated with them. Your backlinks need to be of a high quality and have some sort of relevancy to your own website.

Quality backlinks can work wonders for your SEO. But there is the opposite impact for trying to cut corners and get lots of poor quality backlinks in a short amount of time. Things like link farms, where you pay for a large amount of links, can really damage your online reputation.

As well as this, it is considered to be a part of black hat SEO and could see you receive a penalty from Google. The truly scary thing about this is that you don’t need to be the one getting your link on these poor quality websites. It could be your competitors using negative SEO to try and push you down in the rankings.

Yes, it is quite a dirty tactic and it is upsetting to think that some businesses operate like that. But the truth of the matter is that it does happen. Therefore it is important that you monitor your backlinks and weed out any of the negativity before it has an impact on your SEO.

Have a look below at some of the best online backlink monitoring tools. Most of these tools you will need to pay for, but with backlinks playing such a major role in your SEO, it is certainly recommended. Or if you are using an SEO agency, they are more than likely going to have a subscription to one or more of these tools.

Tool #1: Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is quite a popular tool for online marketers and those trying to give SEO a try. As the name suggests, they don’t just focus on backlinks, but all things SEO. They do, however, have a highly regarded backlink history tool.

This tool allows you to take a look at the number of backlinks Majestic SEO can find in relation to your website. You can even do the same for your competitors and therefore get some ideas of where to outreach next for more backlink opportunities.

There are other areas that Majestic SEO can assist you in, including; site explorer, search explorer and link intelligence. The great thing about this tool is that some of the basic functions are free to use. There is then a “Lite” package ($49.99 p/m) and a “Pro” package ($99.99 p/m) if you want some more in depth analysis.

Tool #2: Linkody

This link management service is very useful for users who are monitoring the backlinks on their website. Linkody even notifies you in relation to the total loss and gain of backlinks over a certain period, including analysis of your link profile that even an SEO novice can understand.

Linkody pride themselves in their accuracy and they also provide insights as to how your competitor’s backlink profile is shaping up. One of the best things about this tool is that they give you an easy to identify list of all the bad links that you should get disavowed.

This tool is so easy to use and it helps people understand the value of each link, as well as providing opportunities as to where you could possibly improve. You can even download reports and save them for later if you wish!

Linkody is free to use on a 30 day trial, which is great to try out and see if this tool is something you could consider using long term. After that, there are a number of different packages available. The packages start from $14.90 per month.

Tool #3: Ahrefs

Ahrefs mainly offers a variety of tools to help grow your search traffic, while also allowing you to research what your main competitors are doing. They boast the world’s largest index of live backlinks – so if you are looking for accuracy, this is probably the tool for you.

Their robots crawl an astonishing 4 billion web pages every day, as well as updating their index every 15 minutes. It would be difficult to get any more accurate than that! This tool certainly gives you everything you could possibly need and more.

To top it all off, they add new tools each and every week, so you can stay well informed about what is going on with your website, as well as your competitors. Ahrefs are currently offering a 7 day trial for $7. After that, their “Lite” package starts from $99 per month.