Decorating with luxury furniture in Sydney offers residents the opportunity to play with a number of styles and aesthetics. Sydney is a diverse city and there is something for everyone when it comes to lifestyle and décor.

There are endless option to explore when it comes to high end pieces, with many independent boutiques, larger store and online retailers available to city dwellers.

Read on below for our top decorating ideas with luxury furniture in Sydney.

Bondi coastal style

The northern beaches of Sydney make the perfect backdrop for and infusion of beach style and Hampton’s décor. Coastal decorating is quintessential east-coast, an elegant blend of sophistication and laid back Australian style.

Quality pieces are a must with this look, as it’s all about understated elegance and timeless pieces that can withstand the trials of family life and sandy feet.

Whilst the look is relaxed, there’s nothing cheap about beach style, especially not in Australia’s biggest city where the beach suburbs command some of the heftiest house prices in the country.

There are some excellent options for luxury furniture in Sydney that speak to the coastal aesthetic. If you’re looking to create a modern Hampton’s feel then it’s all about finding the right colour palette of crisp white, grey, beige and blue. Neutral’s are key when it comes to elegant beach style. You can add warmth with warm and light timbers.

An excellent option for statement household Hampton’s style is a quality white fabric couch. Heavy timber coffee tables, statement island benches, elegant buffets and antique white dining chairs are all beautiful additions to a home that fit the aesthetic.

Check out the many designer boutiques for luxury furniture in Sydney, especially around the Northern beaches, this look never goes out of style!

Surry Hills terrace chic

The terrace houses around the city are a hot commodity – they command impressive price tags and for a good reason, they are a true piece of history and there’s nothing quite like them anywhere else in Australia.

The Victorian era terrace houses found around the city are some of Australia’s oldest, and their quaint and distinct architecture has attracted many keen home buyers.

If you love nostalgic style and timeless glamour then they’re the perfect choice for many inner-city residents, and they’re so fun to decorate.

Terrace houses scream for luxury furniture, in Sydney you have plenty of options for a modern twist on Victorian style.

Keep your eye out for statement daybeds to keep on the terrace front porch or to make use of the narrow backyard area, comfortable two and three seater sofas to arrange around the fireplace and glamorous chandeliers to wow guests.

Inner-city industrial spaces

Australia’s biggest city has always been a mecca for industry and is home to a lot of old warehouse spaces and industrial buildings. As the populations grow a lot of the older industrial areas have become gentrified and warehouse spaces have been converted into wonderful New York style loft apartments and houses.

Whilst this style involves recycling old buildings for a new purpose it has become a look in its own right and often includes high end finishes like polished concrete, copper piping, exposed brick and large windows.

It’s not uncommon to find the decorating style throughout the cities cafes and restaurants, and it’s a popular look in some of Sydney’s most expensive inner-city suburb – Darlinghurst and The Rocks are the perfect example.

Luxury furniture for Sydney that suits this style includes heavy, rustic items such as metal coffee tables, industrial chairs, wood slab dining tables with metal finishes, old school signage and couches in neutral colours.