The alarm is vibrating next to your head. Time to get up. Maybe not, you hit snooze and roll over for 5 minutes. Before you know it, it begins buzzing again. Definitely time to get up. You throw the covers off your exhausted body and flip your legs over the edge of the bed. Your feet hit the floor, what do you feel? Carpet or wood?

If its carpet, you’re happy, the feeling is soft, warm and comforting. The bottom of your feet, unlike the rest of your body, are content walking along the surface, while you try to adjust to the thought of another 9-5 day ahead of you.

If you’re feet are now resting on wood, the feeling, first thing in the morning, is terrible. Your feet scream at you to get back into bed. The floor is cold and hard. Not a welcome start to the day. But besides this what are the advantages of having a carpet or wood flooring?


If you have any young kids, carpet can seem like the best option. Any falls can be broken by the soft landing. But kids are experts at staining clothes and other surfaces whether it be with food or other things they can get their hands on. So, unless you want to spend your time researching ways to remove carpet stains, wood flooring is the way to go.


With stains come long lasting smells that get caught in the fibres, which can give off a permanent odour in your house. As well as this, carpet cleaners which give off nice scents are said to be damaging to our health and can cause breathing issues. Carpets also trap allergens that can affect breathing and our skin.


Carpets initially seem like the cheaper option but after a while the colour fades. What do you then, just get a new carpet and repeat the cycle for a few years? Wood flooring is said to be a lot more durable and in the long run cost effective, needing less maintenance.


This is an easy win for carpet flooring. Sometimes there’s nothing more annoying that the sound of shoes hitting off the floor. Especially from neighbours in apartment blocks.

So if you are thinking about some home improvements, although more expensive at the outset, wood flooring should be the favoured choice in the house.

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