Most new home builders in Perth are on the verge of an exciting and life changing project, moving into a property where they can raise a family and grow old together.

It is a monumental investment from start to finish as owners make very delicate and important decisions about the profile of the house they will build in this glorious part of the world.

As a city there is stronger diversity and more opportunity in the capital of Western Australia as there has ever been in 2019, yet there are challenges that are found when clients invest their time, money and faith in specialists who don’t always fulfill their end of the bargain.

Here we will open a discussion about the challenges that these clients face, pointing to some opportunities that will present themselves when consulting with specialist companies and practitioners.


Sourcing the Right Materials

New home builders in Perth should be able to locate a practitioner that has the right types of materials to get the job done. Problems can arise for those boutique style designs where rare commodities are required to complete the project. This is where it is advised that owners opt for materials that are domestic to the Perth region, using timber or brick that can be imported from close proximity.


Builders Lacking Skilled Workforce

New home builders in Perth should have little problem with hiring major brands who have the scope and resources to have teams of specialists on board from the start. With hundreds of potential workers on site, this can be a project accelerated to be delivered on time and on budget. However, those smaller operations that have a limited degree of experience and expertise can cause the client major headaches. Skills in this domain cannot be left to a general carpenter to construct a certified home, so it is vital that any investor studies up on the skills of the workforce that will be on site for construction.


Forfeiting Full Control To Builders

New home builders in Perth will have zero experience themselves when it comes to acting as the client. In this respect there could be operators who decide to take advantage of this situation and stipulate clauses in a contract that allows them full control of the project. They have the potential in these cases to make decisions that line their own pocket and keep certain jobs in-house rather than bringing aboard quality local plumbers and carpenters for specific tasks.


Open-Ended Time Scale

New home builders in Perth have cause to fret about a project that can take anywhere from a few months to a couple of years depending on the timescale. For those that are fresh to the process, the timeline should be stipulated in the contract. If there is language used that gives these contractors wiggle room and flexibility, some dubious operators will take advantage of that scenario. Likewise for builders who have an incentive to accelerate a development, they can fall foul of failing their due diligence as well. The timeline should be commensurate with the profile of the house.


Organizing and Booking Inspections

When new home builders in Perth invest their hard earned on a construction company, they can have little control and oversight on the project. When subcontractors are brought in and out with minimal detail offered, then the lack of inspections that are organised can lead to all manner of issues down the road. From plumbing that is not aligned correctly to electrical wiring faults and a lack of safeguards with roofing installation, issues will occur for those clients that need to be given guarantees.



The common thread that is evident with new home builders in Perth is the need for due diligence, care and oversight throughout all facets of the project. Leaving full control to these practitioners is a dangerous game because that opens the possibility of being conned. It is strongly advised that buyers speak with specialists in the field and receive direct and personal referrals for workers in the Perth industry.