If your business has experienced recent growth, you might have discovered that order fulfillment has become an unmanageable chore. If you’re customer base has grown, you’re probably now spending more time on fulfilling orders than any other areas of your business. This can be a real shame for your business as it means valuable time is being diverted from potential growth.

The do it yourself approach has likely also left you open to issues and complaints from your customers, and the time required to resolve problems is at a cost to your business.

If you’ve reached this point, it’s probably time to employ a pick and pack service to manage order fulfillment for your business. Read below for why an order fulfillment management company is necessary for your business.


Why you need a pick and pack service

For small business with limited inventories and small customer bases, order fulfillment is a simple task. Once your business has grown to many orders a day many businesses find that the process has become impossible. Not only is it time consuming, but there probably isn’t space to keep the inventory any longer!

Outsourcing takes a lot of the headache out of order fulfillment, as it allows you to;


Get back your time

Outsourcing your order fulfillment means you don’t have to worry about it. Pick and pack services will manage the entire process for you. They can manage every from stock ordering to dispatch and delivery.

Outsourcing frees up considerable time and lets you focus on the other areas of your business that matter. After a certain point it is important to know when to outsource to the experts, this gives the freedom to grow your business.


Ship goods faster

If you’re managing delivery yourself, there’s a good chance that your delivery process is not the most timely. In today’s world of instant gratification, customers expect fast delivery and longer delivery times can contribute to less orders or a lack of repeat customers.

A pick and pack service will ensure your delivery times are as fast as possible with minimal tur-around.


Avoid customer complaints

Good pick and pack services have a number of checks in place and a good process for ensuring quality. This means no mistakes and happy customers.


Dispatch more orders

Employing a pick and pack service leaves your business room to grow. When you are ready to take on new customers and order, an order fulfilment company can manage the increased demand.


Choosing a pick and pack service

When choosing a pick and pack service, you should consider a few key things.


What do they provide

At a minimum they should provide the basics, like pick, pack and delivery. Depending on your business needs however, you might be looking for some additional options. If you have special requirements for your products, there are services that can cater to your needs.



Different providers will use different pricing systems. Check in with them about their preferred method as some models may be more suitable to your business than others.  The great thing about outsourcing solutions is that they can offer you great benefits in terms of reduced prices and the best rates.


Shipping times

When searching for an order fulfillment provider, it is worth confirming what their timing guarantees are for shipping. If you have easy to assemble and dispatch stock, your customers are going to expect quick dispatch and delivery.

If you’re business has grown, using an order fulfillment company is a great time saving opportunity. Look into it, as outsourcing could also save you a considerable amount of money.