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Aussie Home Inventories


  1. Add a room name to "Room #1". Additional room fields will automatically be added for more rooms.
  2. Add an item to "Item #1 Name:". Additional item fields will automatically be added to that room. Add item details.
  3. Add required items to the inventory. Images files are added as "image1.jpg" for example. Copy and paste the image names into the "Photo Filename"
  4. SAVE your work often by clicking the "Save" button.
  5. SAVE the data file "my-inventory.php" to the SAME DIRECTORY on your hard drive where your images are located. You can ADD data to this file later.
  6. Click the "Output HTML" button to generate a Photo Inventory Insurance List. NOTE: You will NOT SEE the images in this list at this time!
  7. SAVE the Photo Inventory Insurance List as a 'html' file, use the "Save Page As" in the browser. The file needs to be saved as "my-inventory-output.html" in the same directory as the images.
  8. OPEN the saved file "my-inventory-output.html" in the browser and your Photo Inventory Insurance List will NOW display with images.
  9. To add information to your inventory at a later date, just click the "Browse..." button. The file will be named "my-inventory.php". Then click the "Upload" button.
  10. If you end up with empty rooms or items, save your file and upload it to clean out the empty spaces.
  11. This software brought to you by "Aussie Home Inventories & The Insurance Site" There is NO SUPPORT offered on this software.

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