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Community Inventory Awareness Program - SAFE - Secure Archives for Future Events -

Who Is Raising The Community's Awareness Of Why It Is Important, To Have Property Documented Before Loss Occurs?

Aussie Home Inventories is accelerating into Top Gear with their 'Community Inventory Awareness Program', with the aim to increase awareness to produce ACTION!

How Is This Awareness Being Increased?

Called SAFE - Secure Archives for Future Events, this community program aims to increase the community's awareness, as to the IMPORTANCE, the NEED, and how and why EVERYONE can make use of the BENEFITS, a property and content inventory offers. The benefits supplied by an inventory are an important tool, in increasing the individuals and communities, pre-disaster preparation and preparedness.

Aussie Home Inventories aims to achieve this increase in community awareness by:

  • Explaining & proving what the advantages of Home & Business Inventories are.
  • Generating information articles, on all methods of creating an inventory.
  • Supplying a FREE DIY Inventory List, allowing some home owners to get prepared for loss.
  • Increasing the ways this inventory awareness information, is shared and spread.
  • Informing property owners on how to get an inventory completed, accurately and professionally.
  • Explaining the additional uses an inventory has and how these uses benefit the property owner.
  • Increasing our focus on community, business partnerships and crime prevention.
  • Increasing awareness of the under-insurance in Australia and how to discover & eliminate it.
  • Collecting data from property owners on their current knowledge of under-insurance and Home Inventory Services in Australia, via surveys.
  • Generating articles and press releases, on the development of Home Inventory Services in Australia.
  • LISTENING to what you have to say, so we can increase our services and their benefits to YOU!

Is This Program Long Term & Can I Get Involved?

The SAFE - Community 'Inventory Awareness Program' will be an ongoing and growing community awareness program, that will use whatever methods are found beneficial in spreading the information! If you have any ideas on ways to increase the effectiveness of our 'Inventory Awareness Program', please CONTACT US. We are seeking involvement from interested parties and value all feedback.

Awareness Is Still Low & More Could Be Done By Business!

There are still many people in the community unaware that Home Inventory Services are available in Australia. Services that get the job done, accurately, professionally and quickly. Importantly services that are accepted by insurance companies and the authorities. Business and organisations that are advising clients to record assets, NEED TO UPDATE THEIR INFORMATION, to reflect this. If you value your clients and wish to maximise retaining them, you need to make sure they are in fact recording their assets as recommended and getting the job done!

A Home Inventory Service is a simple solution for a business / organisation in getting the record / documentation for clients completed.

Aussie Home Inventories assists people, families and homes in the community that are unable to record property or are likely to keep putting it off. A Home Inventory List of property and contents can increase the accuracy and speed of a claim, along with expediting theft recovery. When disaster is around the corner, it is too late to be organised and methodical in taking inventory of property. It is one task that needs to be done in advance, professionally and accurately, for it to be a useful and advantageous tool after the event.

Aussie Home Inventories has made the information on their blog sites as accessible as possible. Information and articles that can be read, listened to, downloaded and podcast! There are mobi sites developed for mobile phone users, increasing the sharing of this information. Information in many forms, that can be used to educate the community.

Increased Community Awareness Services = Increased Community Preparedness

Loss Is Random Preparation Is Not Is Your Property & Valuables Recorded & Documented? Make Sure They Are Before Disaster, Theft Or Loss Occurs! Home & Business Inventory Services Q: Why Do I Need An Inventory? A: If your home was to suffer a loss through disaster or theft, would you be able to list the items lost? Items such as appliances, electronics, CD / DVD's, jewellery, antiques, toys, sentimental items and family heirlooms. An inventory is your ideal solution, a detailed record of your property & contents. Q: Is My Insurance Not Enough? A: After a loss, a home inventory is what the insurer asks for to assess compensation. Claims will be processed based on your ability to prove the loss. You will need documentation to prove you had a certain content type or model, along with receipts. Immediately after a theft, the inventory can be quickly and easily forwarded to authorities, to expedite theft recovery. Q: Can I Do My Own Inventory? A: Yes you can and we encourage you to get started today! We know from experience though, that starting an inventory, is far from completing an inventory. If you want an inventory completed taking little of your time, our service will supply you with the solution. We Record It - Before You Lose It Q: Why Do I Need Your Service? A: Insurance suppliers, disaster and emergency organisations, the authorities and financial advisors strongly recommend creating records & documentation, of property & contents. This ensures a quick recovery from loss through disaster, emergency or theft and importantly ensures your families financial protection for the future. Q: How Long Will It Take To Complete An Inventory? A: The average home may take 3-4 hours, it depends on the size of the property and contents. Q: How Much Does It Cost? A: We offer affordable inventory options with prices based on industry standards and time on-site. A loss that cannot be proved and claimed, is often far greater than the cost of an inventory! Aussie Home Inventories [AHI] provides independent, professional, accurate and reliable inventories, that are accepted by insurance suppliers and the authorities. Firstly, our goal is to make sure your recovery after any loss, is fast. Secondly, you have the documentation to produce a fast claim. To support our goal, we supply you with the option of a FREE DIY Home Inventory List & Insurance Inventory Creator, available from our web site. Lastly we want to create a dramatic increase in the number of households getting prepared for loss. Loss Is Random Preparation Is Not What Do Your Services Offer Our services offer digital photographic, DVD, database or written inventories, which are easily adjusted to suit your needs, your home, your property. All inventories include a written guarantee, certificate of completion and are in digital and hardcopy format. We offer you the options of safe secure storage for inventory data, along with frequent inventory updates. Insuring for disaster and emergency is vital to reduce loss. An area that is easily forgotten is the safety of ourselves, during the same event. Inventories are supplied with family and home disaster planning and evacuation suggestions, to minimise trauma. We offer fire safety protection devices, fire safes and item tagging services, where items are secretly marked to expedite successful theft recovery. Inventory gift vouchers are available to share the protection our services offer, with loved ones and friends. What Have You To Lose? Preparation = Peace Of Mind This is one major reason property needs to be recorded and documented. A home inventory is a valuable solution, to getting your home, your family, prepared and protected. Our inventories and data are used For - homes, business, investment properties, boats, planes, vehicles, caravans, assets. By - home / business, landlords, lodgers, students. tenants, Reasons - proving loss, insurance correction, under-insurance realisation, moving home, home purchase, estate & financial planning, investment property management, prenuptial agreement, condition reports, deceased estates, divorce settlement. Preparation = Fast Recovery Hard earned possessions, valuables, life's memories and family heirlooms, can all be easily gone, in the blink of an eye due to, Storm : Flood : Fire : Theft After any event, the process of proving ownership and proving loss is the same. A record and document of property is the key. Aussie Home Inventories is the business with the key, getting the job done, saving you the time! A Lot Is Gained By Spending Little Test Your Memory It is not easy to remember everything in the home. Try creating an inventory list of your favourite room. You will be surprised at what you easily miss! The reality is, that during the time of trauma and stress, the easiest of tasks may be a lot harder! Why rely on memory to recall hard earned possession? An inventory when kept up to date, is 100% correct, 100% of the time! Aussie Home Inventories is a business with the focus of helping the community in getting prepared for loss. After a disaster, owners and occupants of homes and businesses that were prepared, have a greater peace of mind and are those people and properties, that recover quickly. To join them - CALL US TODAY TO BE PREPARED FOR TOMORROW 02-8064-3992 02-6564-7282 0428-449422 aussiehomeinventories.com.au ABN 89 945 871 580 Home & Business Inventories For All Australians




Please CONTACT US if you would like brochures sent via post.




Getting The Word Out There!

Aussie home Inventories likes to offer solutions! They are increasing the efficiency of the SAFE - Community Inventory Awareness Program by offering community speakers.

Aussie Home Inventories would like to increase local community discussion on the subject of, Pre-Disaster Preparation & The Importance Of Home & Business Inventories. If you are a community group seeking a speaker for your upcoming meetings, please contact our office for more information. The areas covered by our speakers will be from Coffs Harbour to Port Macquarie.

Articles in audio form, written for community groups are available from Aussie Home Inventories. Allowing you to generate awareness in YOUR AUDIENCE. Please CONTACT US to learn more about this exciting development and how you may become involved. Visit our NEWS ARTICLES for more information on articles already available in audio format for MP3 Download and Podcast.

We Are Involved In Our Community!

Being involved in the community means Aussie Home Inventories is aware that a community always has a large amount of people needing help, assistance and advice with:

  • Issues of LOSS through disaster, emergency or theft.
  • Assisting and expediting the recovery of stolen items.
  • Proving ownership of property in case of divorce.
  • Easing the management of investment properties and increasing tenancy retention.
  • Optimising insurance cover making sure there is no under-insurance and speeding up the claim process.
  • Relocation of home contents and 'the settling in' to a new often unknown environment.

A Home Inventory is the toolkit needed to HELP with these issues and Aussie Home Inventories is the vehicle with that toolkit!

Aussie Home Inventories is a business involved in innovative ideas. By making use of its current activities, it ensures to assist the community in aspects pre-disaster preparation with the aim of increasing post disaster recovery.

 Please visit our Eye On The Storm Video Directory for Community / Home Preparation Videos.



How Do You Fund The Community Inventory Awareness Program?

The SAFE program is funded partly from business revenue & donations we receive for the cause. Our Global Inventory Information Network of sites, is the number one source for anyone seeking information, on recording and documenting property. A lot of information is offered for FREE! We ask for donations as large amounts of information does not come FREE. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, to be prepared for loss and this is why the SAFE program was initiated. Donations help to fund the costs involved with meeting this goal. We are not in receipt of any funding from government or other sources, to assist with this program. The SAFE program does not just advise but creates ACTION in the community!

How Can I Help?

We are asking for your HELP to increase the funding for our SAFE program. PLEASE make a donation to the cause! We would like to THANK YOU in ADVANCE. Every little bit HELPS! - Support our efforts for getting information to you! All donations go directly into funding our SAFE program, helping us to help others!

 - Loss Is Random Preparation Is Not -


SAFE - Community Inventory Awareness Program Donations


DVD / CD / Book Inventory Creator

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Home Inventory Service Radio Show

Providing You With More Ways To Obtain The Inventory Information You Need! Listen To Others Discuss Why Inventories Are So Important & How They Took Inventory!

Aussie Home Inventories is now hosting the world's first Home Inventory Service Radio Show! We have signed up at Blog Talk Radio [BTR], a social radio network that allows us to connect quickly and directly with you, the listener, the home owner and the visitor to our network of sites.

The features of our Home Inventory Service Radio Show will allow you to:

  • Call us [the host], direct via your telephone / VOIP and be LIVE ON AIR!
  • Chat live with us using BTR's chat software.

This direct connection & communication in real-time, will benefit you by:

  • Supplying you the best advice for your Home Inventory questions.
  • Allowing you to hear of other listeners questions & solutions.
  • Talk or chat on-line with a leader of the Home Inventory Service industry.


Tune Into Our Radio Station - Home Inventory Service Radio.
To learn more, read our blog post on the World's First
Home Inventory Service Radio Show











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Home Inventory Service Audio - FREE CD

Home Inventory Service

All articles on the Global Inventory Information Network are converted to audio automatically. If you wish to order a CD with selected Home Inventory Information articles please CONTACT US




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Solutions To Sharing Home & Family Preparation Information - Getting It Out There!

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