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Home / Business Loss Preparation - Disaster : Emergency : Survival - Kits
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Aussie Home Inventories : Home Inventory Service

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Aussie Home Inventories knows it is not preparation that comes at a high price, but the lack of it! The cost of getting prepared is often covered in the first claim or recovery of stolen contents.

Loss Is Random Preparation Is Not!

We Want You To Be Able To Easily Increase The Protection For Your Family & Home!

Our PRODUCTS page is split into sections to better service our local and global clients:

In-Home Inventory Services - HIS  |  Business Inventory Services - BIS  | In-Home / Global Inventory Products
Global Inventory Information Network - Products & Services 

All prices quoted by AHI on this site and the Global Inventory Information Network, are in Australian dollars AUD$. Third party supplier's prices will dependent on the country of origin.

        In-Home Inventory Services - HIS                                     Price

        Home Inventory Option I [Photographic]


        Home Inventory Option II [Detailed Database]


        Home Inventory Option III [Detailed Database Plus]

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        Home Inventory Option IV [Written]

HIS - Hourly Rate

        Express Inventory [DVD][When In Area]


        AUP - Annual Update Program


        OSS - Off Site Storage


        Property Condition Report


        Inventory Option Upgrade

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        HIS - Hourly Rate




          Business Inventory Services - BIS

        Detailed - Tailored To Meet Individual Needs

BIS - Hourly Rate

      BIS - Hourly Rate




      Additional Services


        Travel Time



All In-Home Inventory Service Options Are Easily Customised To Suit Your Individual & Business Needs



In-Home / Global Inventory Products

Maximise your property protection and recovery from an event, with the addition of the following products. We offer these products ONLY for sale during inventory completion unless stated otherwise. Products and prices are subject to change.




Smoke Alarm - Home Inventory Service Sale Only

Smoke Alarms Save Lives


Is your existing smoke alarm enough to wake you in case of danger? For total protection you need to make sure that smoke in any part of the home, reaches an alarm. This Smoke Alarm responds quickly to fires with fast flames and little smoke. Operated by a 9V battery.


For sale during Home / Business Inventory service.


$ 29.97


Fire Extinguisher - Home Inventory Service Sale Only

Fire Extinguisher


Do you have the means to extinguish a fire in your home? Why wait for the services whilst more property catches fire? Extinguish fires burning from combustible solids, combustible liquids and electrical fires. This dry chemical Fire Extinguisher blankets the fire with an inert powder. Suitable for kitchen or workshop.

For sale during Home / Business Inventory service.


$ 19.97


Fire Blanket - Home Inventory Service Sale Only

Fire Blanket


If you cook with oil you need a Fire Blanket! A Fire Blanket is the backup for a fire extinguisher. These fire resistant blankets smother a fire by starving it of oxygen. Commonly used to distinguish chip pan fires and bodily fires. A must for all kitchen areas.


For sale during Home / Business Inventory service.


$ 24.97


First Aid Kit - Home Inventory Service Sale Only

First Aid Kit


For small accidents around the home you need a First Aid Kit. Also ideal for car, workshop, garage, sports or travel.


For sale during Home / Business Inventory service.


Hourly Rate


Data Dot DNA Application - Home Inventory Service Sale Only

Datadot Application Service


DNA for your valuables! Tiny data dots with their unique code that are easily applied to property to permanently prove ownership. Data Dots are registered on a database. Crime protection that is supported by the Police and insurance suppliers.


For sale during Home / Business Inventory service.




$ 149.97


Fire Safe Document Chest - Home Inventory Service Sale Only

Sentry Firesafe


Home Inventories and important documents if stored in your home, need to be stored in a Firesafe for protection. This Firesafe will protect contents for half an hour or more. For more information on this safe see our Product Details

To learn more about Choosing A FireSafe For Storing Your Home Inventory In The Home read our article.

For sale during Home / Business Inventory service.




$ 15.97


UV LED Torch [Bullet Style Keyring] - Available Australia Wide Via Australia Post

UV LED Torch



The authorities routinely use UV light when examining stolen goods. Each year property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, is recovered by the police. 94% cannot be returned to its rightful owner due to NO ID.

Help to increase your chances of recovering stolen property. This compact UV LED torch [4.5cm long] has a strong aluminium case, four button style lithium batteries for long life and is able to detect UV marks on personal property, bank notes, passports and documents with it's strong UV beam of 370nm!

Australian Delivery ONLY! - $15.97 + $5.00 P&P          






UV Marker Pen - Available Australia Wide Via Australia Post

UV Marker Pen



Authorities and insurance companies encourage the marking of property & contents with a Drivers Licence Number. Having property ID tagged with a UV [Invisible] Marker Pen can help to deter criminals and maximise the chances of stolen goods being returned. Invisibly mark your property with a UV Marker Pen. The mark is ONLY seen under UV light!

The fluid in these marker pens is considered permanent for up to two years and is waterproof on most services. UV Marker Pens are NOT easy to find in Australia!

Australian Delivery ONLY! - $9.97 + $5.00 P&P            


$ 24.97


DIY Home Inventory List - Available Australia Wide Via Australia Post

DIY Home Inventory List



An ideal gift for a friend. Our complex DIY Home Inventory List is pre-loaded with items and locations. Easily add valuations, insurance and property details to the list.

A pre-formatted DIY Home Inventory List file on CD media, posted via Australia Post direct from our office within 24 hours of receiving your Paypal order.

Now With Bonus FREE UV Marker Pen!

FREE P&P Within Australia - $24.97                      




AHI Gift Voucher - Available In Home Inventory Service Area

Home Inventory Gift Voucher


Help a friend or someone you care about with their Aussie Home Inventory. An Inventory gift voucher is the ideal gift of protection, giving 'peace of mind'. A Great Wedding Gift! Vouchers at $50.00 : $150 : $300 : $500


Payment For Inventory Services & Products [Contact Us For Assistance]
Flexible payment methods via Paypal include credit cards, debit cards, bank & Paypal accounts.



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Global Inventory Information Network - Products & Services


Our Global Inventory Information Network's - Products & Services are generally offered by online merchants that we are affiliated with. We constantly scour the internet looking for the best products, services & deals to offer you. If you know of a product which you feel may be of assistance to others then please forward details to our offices.



Featured Global Inventory Information Network's Products & Services

Book - CD - DVD Scanner | On-Line Document & Inventory Storage | ID Theft Prevention
 Home Inventory Software Disaster : Evacuation : Survival Kits / Equipment

Products listed here are of invaluable use in the creation, maintenance and storing of inventories and their related documents. Some of these products have been tested by Aussie Home Inventories. These products are available for purchase on-line over the internet from their respective suppliers.


Groqit - Personal Inventory Scanner


Book - CD - DVD - Scanner

Are you a collector of books, CD's or DVD's and have been meaning to create an inventory of your collection? An easy solution is now available, known as the Groqit, [rhymes with grocket]. You simply use this barcode scanner to create your inventory. This personal inventory scanner even allows easy access to your pre-stored inventories whilst shopping, where you can instantly check titles, or even create 'wish lists' for family and friends to view.

Have you ever bought the same book, CD or DVD? Do you ask yourself whilst shopping, whether you already have an item in your collection at home? If so this problem is eliminated by using a Groqit. Scanned information is easily converted into lists by using comprehensive online databases. Click the link for a Groqit in your pocket!

Learn more by reading our article - Groqit Personal Inventory Device

If you are a business owner looking to use barcode scanners in your Business Inventory, read our article - Creating Business Inventories - Using A Barcode Scanner

Groqit Personal Inventory Management 

Click To Purchase A Groqit



My Home Inventory - Home Inventory Software

My Home Inventory Features

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Home Inventory Software

Are You Looking For Home Inventory Software To Create Your Own Inventory?
Do Some Of The Other Packages Not Meet Your Expectations?

Aussie Home Inventories recommends an award winning Home Inventory Software package for taking inventory of your home. This Home Inventory Software is one of the applications we use to create our inventories. Through creative and intelligent design this Home Inventory Software will reduce the time taken to create your home inventory. It is simple and easy to use, with an excellent interface.

Learn more about this inventory software by reading this article My Home Inventory Software

To learn about the Features & Benefits of this software and see screen shots of the inventory lists & reports, visit My Home Inventory Software Features - Review. From here you will be able to purchase your own copy of My Home Inventory Software.

This award winning Home Inventory Software, is offered in other forms for the creation of various collection inventories. If you are a collector of art, books, beer and wine this inventory creation software is the best available. All the software packages work in a similar way, allowing you to easily get used to another package.

To purchase any of these Collectors Inventory Software packages, click on your choice of collection / inventory:

Art Inventory | Book Inventory | Home Brew Inventory | Wine Inventory


Inventory Preparation : Creation : Management : Storage | Disaster Preparation : Evacuation : Survival
Home Security : Content Tagging  |  Property Value : Management : Insurance
Personal Identity Protection : Safety  |  Legal & Law : Products & Services
Communications  Australian Community Support Services

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