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Press Release - Aussie Home Inventories - Home Inventory Service - Australia

News & Articles  Insurance News  Disaster News  Our Newspapers  Press Releases  Blogs & Articles


Press Releases by Aussie Home Inventories are posted on this page [known as AHI - Press Room #1] and also the media release website 'PRLog' [known as AHI - Press Room #2].


AHI - Press Room #1  

22/11/08 - New Shoes For Dragging Feet - How To Reduce The Dread Of Making A Claim.

26/09/08 - Gone In The Blink Of An Eye - Photography Is The Needed Documentation In Preparation For Loss.

18/09/08 - Awareness Is The Key To Preparation - Increasing Awareness Of Loss Creates Community Preparation.

02/09/08 - Chook House Scrambles Eggs - Rare Phenomenon Of 'Egg Within An Egg' A Documented Inventory.

21/08/08 - A New Vehicle In Town - Can We Prepare The Community For Loss In A Better Way?

20/08/08 - Seeking A Solution Off This Planet - Beaming Inventory Data Home Via Satellite.

25/07/08 - The Door To Recovery - Why Some Households Recover Better From Loss.

06/05/08 - When Insurance Alone Is Not Enough Protection - Is There A False Sense Of Preparation?

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AHI - Press Room #2

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Home Sustainability Assessors Australia


MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 22nd November 2008

New Shoes For Dragging Feet

Why do people dread the thought of making an insurance claim? Is it because they lack the correct documentation to prove a loss, or is it the thought of taking inventory that proves too daunting and impossible?

Aussie Home Inventories a leader in the Home Inventory Service in Australia, has the ideal solution to changing this thought pattern.

Andrew Goodfellow, Senior Inventory Consultant with AHI states, "Imagine a loss has occurred, you are suffering from the loss and in recovery, you know you have to supply the necessary documentation, which you may not have. You have to compile a list from memory and forward it to the insurance company at this time. The claim process can take a while, often due to lack of information. Some people at this time reach a point where they have had enough, and either accept a reduced payout, or go no further with the claim, it is just too difficult for them."

Insurance suppliers can feel like they are doing their utmost, by forwarding a Product Disclosure Statement [PDS] with the policy, containing the rules of the game and necessary legalities. According to Goodfellow few policy holders understand their PDS thoroughly, which can lead to incorrect insurance and under-insurance. Aussie Home Inventories wants to see change to the present system, so the thought of making an insurance claim becomes easier and simpler.

What is needed is change and clear explanations that eliminate this attitude of, 'She'll be right mate, we'll just pay the renewal premium and the insurance company will do the rest, after all that's what we're paying for, we've been with them for years'. "We cannot understand why people gamble so easily with their hard earned possessions, there seems to be a false sense of security" said Andrew Goodfellow.

Aussie Home Inventories is improving the system, a system seen by some as dragging its feet. They are offering homes, property owners and small business the chance to be prepared for loss.

"Our system of recording property and contents prior to loss increases the prospects of recovery, proving ownership and condition of property. It is a new set of shoes for a system that needs change, a system that benefits all with increased efficiency", said Andrew Goodfellow. "Our services are offered to all Insurance Suppliers concerned about their clients.

Aussie Home Inventories takes away the 'dread' of making insurance claims, by supplying the necessary information and tools to record property. Making sure all homes, property owners and small business have the correct documentation to file their claims easily and successfully.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820

Home Inventory Service - Press Release - Australia 

MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 26th September 2008

Gone In The 'Blink Of An Eye'.

Insurance photography is the needed record and documentation of property and contents, in preparation for loss. Needed, as it is the simplest and quickest way to prove ownership and condition. Most Australian households, do not have photographic images of property and contents, nor the documentation. This leaves them open to increased financial and personal recovery time. Having no documentation to forward to authorities straight after the event, greatly reduces the chance of theft recovery.

A record and document of property and contents, can be easily and professionally produced, by contacting a Home Inventory Service. All property and contents are accurately recorded for personal, business or legal use. This snapshot of property and contents, will be worth more than gold dust, when property and contents are lost in the 'blink of an eye'.

Home Inventory Service Consultants are able to travel to homes and business. They will collect in a few hours the inventory data, ready for the creation of the home or business inventory.

A professional Home Inventory Service will supply you with an Insurance Inventory, that documents all property and contents focusing on:

  • High quality images, that assist insurance suppliers, solicitors and lawyers.
  • Insurance reports that are easily submitted to insurance suppliers / appraisers.
  • Secure inventory data backups, with the ability for multiple copies.
  • Digital data that is transmitted fast and with ease, expediting theft recovery.

Households that take out insurance cover, are confirming and realising an event may create a loss to their property and contents. It only makes sense to record and document, that same property in readiness for the same event. As we know the difficult task is proving the prior existence of what has now gone, in the 'blink of an eye'. Our hard earned possessions that we need replaced, to remain on the road to recovery.

An affordable solution to being prepared, is to call your local Home Inventory Service. They will save you time and leave you with a professional inventory, that will be your peace of mind, during any recovery process.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820



MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 18th September 2008

Awareness Is The Key To Loss Preparation.

In Australia, disaster preparation services and the insurance industry, have over the last few years been informing property and business owners, to record property in case of loss. Excellent advice, but is it creating worthy results?

Without a record of property, owners risk reduced theft recovery, difficulty in proving ownership, and the chance of being under-insured on property or contents. Are we as a community taking inventory of our property? It would appear not so, from what Aussie Home Inventories [AHI] has found out. Being a proactive Home Inventory Service on the mid North coast of New South Wales, they set out to try and find answers to these questions by conducting a survey.

Working with the community in increasing awareness of why it is necessary to be prepared for loss, their services reduce recovery time from loss and help to expedite recovery of stolen goods.

So what is it that this business offers, that is so different? According to Andrew Goodfellow an Inventory Consultant with AHI, "We simply do the task that everyone talks about, and does not do. Yes, we record property and contents for the owner, leaving them with full documentation."

Aussie Home Inventories survey into the awareness of under-insurance and home inventory services in the community, was conducted face to face / on-line and is ongoing.

"There are a lot of false beliefs out there in the community and one of the major ones, is that the insurance supplier knows exactly what the owner has in the home" says Andrew Goodfellow. "Silly as it seems, this cannot be so, as there is this minimal handshaking of property and content information between the two parties. Whilst we know it is the property owner's responsibility to keep the insurer updated, the system needs improving."

Not many people surveyed had called their insurance supplier and sadly 88% reported that the insurance supplier had not forwarded any inventory list, or even asked for information on updated contents. At the end of the day, 41% of respondents had nothing at all, to prove contents ownership.

71% of respondents needed a better explanation of the contents cover, giving insight into the $1000's of contents covered, receiving only an increased renewal figure. This lack of knowledge of the correct contents cover, only increases the chance of under-insurance. AHI did not find anyone whom had their contents accurately specified, versus non specified.

"A simple solution is to have all property and contents recorded, documented for loss and compute the correct contents cover at that time" says Andrew Goodfellow. "Accurate records, assists property owners and insurance suppliers."

45% of respondents reported no information on taking inventory from the insurance supplier. Until there is a incentive to take inventory, would it not be constantly put on the back burner?

65% of respondents had never taken inventory, with 84% reporting it as, to difficult or time consuming. 75% asked for more information on taking inventory and on home inventory services.

When asked about under-insurance, 71% had never been under-insured, or they were unaware they may be. Of the 29% whom had been under-insured 100% found out at the time of claim.

92% of respondents reported no information from the insurance suppliers on under-insurance. More information can only increase awareness.

So what would be a better approach? Firstly the community could be better informed of under-insurance. An incentive of renewal discounts could be offered for those owners with inventories. For property and business owners not able to take inventory, they could be made aware of services that could do the task for them.

Home Inventory Services are there to prepare the community for loss, helping property and business owners, the authorities, disaster preparation services and the insurance industry. Aussie Home Inventories realises that awareness is the key to preparation.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820

Home Inventory Service - Press Release - Australia 

MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 2nd September 2008

Chook House Scrambles Eggs.

A Home Inventory Service has documented one of a kind, a rare 'egg within an egg' phenomenon.

Andrew Goodfellow an Inventory Consultant at Aussie Home Inventories, certainly got a suprise recently whilst recording the contents on a rural property.

"Whilst we were taking inventory, lunch was being prepared and all of a sudden an egg within an egg was discovered in the kitchen", he said.

"We had never heard or seen of such a thing, everyone was amazed to see this white egg within a brown egg."

The phenomenon is rare and is documented on the internet. Aussie Home Inventories found reference to the phenomenon by Professor Tom Scott of the University of Sydney. He is quoted as saying "When a normal egg is in the shell gland, a disturbance can cause it to go back up into the oviduct and start egg production all over again, resulting in an egg inside an egg." - Source ABC Online

What makes this example more interesting though and of a rarity, is that one chicken lays brown eggs and the other white. So there could be more to answer here?

"We are not to sure what is going on in the 'chook house' at night, it certainly adds a new meaning to the term scrambled eggs", joked Andrew Goodfellow. "We will have to document the chook houses in our inventories from now on."

Anyone with more information on this phenomenon is asked to contact the office of Aussie Home Inventories.

Images: Egg Within An Egg

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820



MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 21st August 2008

A New Vehicle In Town.

A message commonly broadcast from loss and disaster preparation services, is the importance for the community to have property recorded and tagged in preparation for loss through disaster, emergency or theft. Whilst we know this is excellent advice, why are there so many home and small business owners still unprepared for loss? Why is there such a lack of awareness of the importance of being prepared? Action and preparation after a loss is common for too many property owners.

Could messages be delivered in a more efficient manner, increasing awareness and pre-loss preparation? One solution could be to focus on services that are already at the coal face! Services that are talking and acting on preparation for loss, making sure the property owner gets prepared. Services that record and tag property, deliver the message thus creating action, preparation and community awareness.

Overseas these services are known as 'Home or Property Inventory Services'. So why are they not mentioned in Australia when articles and advice is being produced on recording property? Statistics show preparation is minimal, when the responsibility is left to the property owner. This results in property owners being unprepared and in many cases under-insured. Losses through disaster, emergency and theft, can only increase along with recovery time. To inform the property owner of these services can only make common sense, as it gets the job done importantly before the loss.

"Loss is random, whilst preparation is not and we are learning climate change is not a theory anymore. Thus the chance of loss through disaster is on the increase. This lack of awareness, time and importance is easily corrected by using a home and property inventory service. We are here to educate people, that a service supplying property records and documentation, increases accurate claims and can also expedite recovery of stolen property, along with decreasing recovery time," said Andrew Goodfellow an Inventory Consultant at Aussie Home Inventories.

A home and property inventory service is a new vehicle in town, with a new set of tools, information kits and a primary goal of getting all property owners better prepared for loss.

If we all wish for better community preparation before losses occur, then we need to rely on these services to get the property recorded before it is to late.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820

AHI - Press Room #2


MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 20th August 2008

Seeking A Solution Off This Planet.

Aussie Home Inventories is helping Australians in rural and regional areas, to get connected to Satellite Broadband Internet, by offering eligible clients a subsidised satellite broadband connection, as part of the government's [ABG] Australian Broadband Guarantee. This program aims to supply access of metro-comparable broadband, via satellite to all rural and regional residents.

The need for Aussie Home Inventories to get involved in offering satellite broadband, came about as this Home Inventory Service's clients, were having problems forwarding inventory data updates over inefficient dial-up, according to Inventory Consultant Andrew Goodfellow.

"By offering our client's a more superior service, client's data is easily received and updated, making our service more attractive. This could not have been done without the assistance of a Satellite Broadband connection."

"We investigated all the broadband options and satellite has proven to be the best suited for our clients. Over recent times, 2-way satellite broadband has become very efficient and cost effective, otherwise we would not be recommending it. Often our clients have no other viable option to get connected to Australian broadband and are very pleased with the system and how affordable it is."

"We welcome enquiries regarding this offer from all Australians, we will check their eligibility whilst they are on the phone, we offer help, assistance and make it easy for them to get connected to fast Satellite broadband."

Aussie Home Inventories is a Home Inventory Service based on the Mid-North coast of New South Wales offering professional recording of personal and business property in case of loss through disaster, emergency or theft.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820

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MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 25th July 2008

The Door To Recovery.

Why do some households recover more quickly than others after a loss? Do we all wish for a fast recovery, with minimised financial losses?

A quick recovery often results from preparation, which is a 'reality check' of making sure procedures are in place, before an event such as disaster, emergency or theft. Whilst we insure our property for the worst, we often forget the preparation we need to have in place, not for the materialistic items, but for ourselves. Yes, our families, loved ones and pets.

A recent survey by Aussie Home Inventories, into the awareness in the community, of under-insurance and home inventory services, gives insight into this lack of preparation. Households and occupants are found to be at risk as:

  • 87.5% had no disaster plan.
  • 92% had no evacuation kit.
  • 63% had no fire extinguisher.
  • 92% having no fire blanket.

Preparation is also about being able to prove ownership after loss, as this can greatly increase recovery. Sadly, households surveyed reported:

  • 87.5% as having no photographic evidence of property.
  • 70% as having no receipts / warranties.

Astonishingly only 15% of households reported having an inventory of any type. With figures like this it is not suprising, there is not going to be a drop in preventable disasters and increases in recovery for some households.

Aussie Home Inventories, knows it makes sense to prepare beforehand, reducing the chance of loss and speeding up the recovery. Clients of this Home Inventory Service confirm this, with the recent demand for home inventory services.

Most households work hard to create a collective of property / contents, which often encompass family heirlooms and sentimental items. No-one knows when loss will occur, so it pays to have up to date documentation to prove ownership.

Preparation is the key to opening the door to recovery. It costs little to be prepared, a home inventory service is the solution to getting your property and contents professionally recorded, in readiness for loss.

Aussie Home Inventories is offering a free detailed DIY Home Inventory List from their website. Helping you to get started today, in preparation for tomorrow.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820


Home Inventory Service - Press Release - Australia 

MEDIA RELEASE - Home Inventory Service Press Release - 6th May 2008

When Insurance Alone Is Not Enough Protection!

While most of us are in a habit of insuring our homes, how aware are we, of what life would be like for our families at the time of a loss. When we part with those insurance dollars, are we thinking of preparation and planning for the same event? If we are thinking of loss through disaster, we need to make sure the necessary preparation is in place.

Insuring for loss can mean a complete loss, where the property is totally gone. This usually occurs with the additional threat to life. Insurance is not enough, it may replace some of our hard earned possessions, but preparation for survival is far more important! What ever has the force to take away a home, is not going to tread lightly through the neighbourhood!

We need personal safety procedures and evacuation plans in place, prior to and during the disaster and emergency! Preparation is crucial for being prepared for loss. Loss is random, preparation is not! Part of the preparation is making sure everyone is aware of how to get through the disaster safely and having the necessary tools to obtain that goal. Success is greater, with 100% detailed planning and effort.

Many homeowners do not get around to these tasks, as it is unfamiliar territory! Not knowing what to do and how. Whilst it can be said that most of the information is out there, it is often scattered and needs to be gathered, from various sources. The average homeowner does not have all this information at their fingertips. Without it, we are at greater risk.

Getting your family and home prepared has now just become a lot easier! Aussie Home Inventories whom have the primary goal to record property and contents for loss, through disaster and theft, have seen the need for this additional help and assistance to being delivered. Services that enhance and complement the recording of these assets, help, assistance and suggestions on disaster, evacuation planning and basic fire protection.

It simply makes sense to have a service out there helping families, property owners and the community to be prepared for loss. A service at the coal face that is needed and sought after. Property owners whom have suffered a loss already, cannot recommended these services enough. As they remember often, loss is random whilst preparation is not.

If you wish to go for total protection and preparation, call Aussie Home Inventories today, to be prepared for tomorrow.

For more information:

Aussie Home Inventories
Mid-North Coast Office  +61 (2) 02 8061 6820


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