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FeedJournal Basic 2/17/2008 - 3/8/2008 feedjournal.com How A Home Inventory Service Saves You Time And Money By Aussie Home Inventories Submitted at 2/18/2008 3:55:36 PM Aussie Home Inventories come across clients whom have started their own home inventory and never completed it. The inventory itself is either a DIY home inventory a half finished on-line inventory. Client's reasons for not completing the inventory are usually reported as, 'short of time' or 'inventory creation problems'. Either way the inventory is placed on the 'back burner'. We are contacted to complete the task after a recent event or insurance issue has raised the task of inventory completion again. The client always wants the inventory to be completed asap, giving them the peace of mind they require. Our aim in this article is to explain what you get for your 'home inventory dollars', when using a Home Inventory Service [HIS], to create an inventory for you. If you are thinking of creating your own home inventory, using a DIY method or online inventory service then this article will be of interest to you, as it will give you information on an easy and quick alternative. AHI has inventory consultants that create inventories that are professional, accurate and speedily created being easily affordable. Saving you the time! The accuracy, format, security and accessibility of a home inventory is crucial at the time of NEED, after a loss, when you have other things on your mind! What you get with an Aussie Home Inventory is this! An inventory consultant who: • Supply's professional, experienced and flexible options. • Collects all the inventory images and data. • Has a knowledge of disaster preparation and security issues and loves to share. • Is never to far away, often working in the area. • Is friendly, helpful & real! Our inventories will: • Come in three options with customisable options to suit your needs. • Be supplied with an easy item reference information sheet. • Record item details. • Have two copies on CD or DVD. • Be suitable for estate planning. • Have optional Off-Site storage and Annual Updates. • Have an optional DVD recording of your home & premises. • Be easily admired by your friends and family. • Be backed by our Written Guarantee. • Contain a Certificate Of Inventory completion. [For detailed descriptions of home inventory options, costs, Q&A visit Aussie Home Inventories]. Copies of the inventory are : • Easily stored in or outside the home, ie fire safe or with family members. • Stored at your request in a bank vault. • Easily arranged. Inventory Forwarding is : whilst the inventory is in progress. If you wish to help us that is fine. At the end of the day we are just another professional passing through your home giving you the services that you need! Personal & Inventory Data : • Your personal & inventory data is deleted from our laptop or PC, if there is no request for us to keep it on CD, for backup purposes or annual inventory updates. • We prove your ID with a secure system. No-one will have access to your inventory details, except ID validated owners of the inventory. • Your personal and inventory data is separate, coded and secure. Client Support : • AHI is able to carry out your requests, [example: inventory forwarding], after a disaster if you are incapacitated. • For client support we are easily accessible during normal business hours, with an emergency number outside these hours. Our business is managed by Australians for Australians. Other In-Home Services : The Outcome : • You are now prepared for any loss, be it natural disaster, emergency or theft. The complete home inventory allowing you to recover quickly after an event, saving you time and money. As well as preparing you for loss, people use the inventories for: • Correcting insurance cover by realising any under-insurance. • Speeding up the process of any insurance claim by having 'on hand' accurate records. • Trying to maintain a standard of living after an event. • Easing the thought of relocation. • Creating a prenuptial agreement. • Realising their net worth when looking at estate and financial planning. • Realising what property is in storage at a glance. • Facilitating and expediting theft recovery. • Creating peace of mind knowing they are prepared. • Proving ownership in case of divorce settlement. HELP is HERE! • Easily accessible via telephone and written request, supplying easy access at the time of trauma. • Inventory forwarded at your request to the insurance company or authorities. • Inventory forwarded via CD, delivery or registered post. Remember that after a storm your power and telecommunications may be down, rendering your PC useless in this situation. HIS Security : • Our consultants arrive with validated ID & Police Clearance. You are dealing with a trusted business. Privacy : • Being professional and courteous our inventory consultant will respect your home and privacy, doing his or her best to make you feel at ease • Optional purchase of various Fire Safety Equipment. • Optional purchase of a Fire Safe for inventory storage in the home. The Cost : • Affordable home inventory options offered! Freeing your time and getting the inventory done. No skills needed on your side, except being able to pick up the phone and open the door. The Savings : • Your time is Free to do other things. • We complete the inventory for you, at a time to suit you! • You can forget about trying to resize images, upload or download data, collect information, etc, that is what we do best. For those of you whom find the thought of doing a home inventory to daunting, whether it be a DIY Inventory or by using an On-Line Inventory Service, we hope this article has made you realise how EASY it is for your inventory to be completed, when you use a professional Home Inventory Service business such as Aussie Home Inventories. Please contact Aussie Home Inventories for more information, to fully realise How A Home Inventory Service Saves You Time & Money. Detailed information on our Home Inventory options with Q&A can be found on their website. Aussie Home Inventories - Home Inventory - Australia AHI - Site Update By Aussie Home Inventories Submitted at 2/17/2008 6:13:40 PM Today we launched our 'Home Inventory / Under-Insurance Survey' & Site Guestbook. The aim of this survey is for Aussie Home Inventories to get a clearer idea of the connection between the underinsurance problem and the home inventory service in Australia. All completed surveys with contact details, will be eligible for a 10% discount off the normal price of our home inventory options. The home inventory survey takes less than five minutes. Also added to our website today is a home inventory guest book. Please use our guest book to leave comments and information you wish to share with other users of our website and the home inventory community. Recording What Matters! Aussie Home Inventories - Home Inventory - Australia 2 FeedJournal Basic The Slippery Slide To Under-Insurance By Aussie Home Inventories Submitted at 2/17/2008 5:24:04 PM • Are You On The Slippery Slide To Under-Insurance? • Would You Know You Were, Assuming You Are Correctly Insured In The First Place? • Why Are There So Many Australians Under-Insured And How Did They Become Under-Insured? This article will supply answers to the above questions creating an awareness of the under-insurance problem in Australia. Information allowing the realisation and elimination of under-insurance from the insurance policies covering home contents of home owners in Australia. Most Australian home owners assume they are correctly insured and therefore never check to see if they are not. There are many Australians every year finding it hard to face up to the fact their insurance cover was not sufficient, at the time of making a claim to replace all of their home and contents. A lot of Aussie home owners simply believe there is a 'system' in place to stop underinsurance affecting them. When Aussie Home Inventories asked some of their clients to explain what this 'system' was, it was often reported as, “Well the insurance company has all the information and they will take care of it. After all, that is what we are paying them for!” If there is a 'system' in place, then it must be failing as there are so many Australians still under-insured? The answer simply could be home owners never check their content cover correctly, because they do not realise they have to and importantly they are not being reminded to. How often does an insurance company at renewal time, ask for the value of contents purchased throughout the year? Some of the known facts about underinsurance are: • The insurance companies know there is an under-insurance problem. • The home owner is not being made aware they may have underinsurance. • The home owner is not aware of how to eliminate under-insurance. • Any loss due to under-insurance will be the responsibility of the home owner. Most home owners only find out about under-insurance when filing a claim. To find out at this time can mean: • You are going to receive a loss! • Your home and lifestyle is not going to recover as quickly as it could have! Home owners if made aware of under -insurance, would check their contents value and correct the insurance policy. Home owners NEED to be made aware of underinsurance! If insurance companies assumed everyone to be underinsured unless proven, an increase of correct home content cover would result. A small amount of extra marketing from the insurance companies would kick start the process. The proof of content value being supplied by the home owner. More correct policies, less disputes, easier claims. With a system as fine tuned like this, we can only hope for bigger discounts on the premiums! When anyone makes a claim the last thing they want to here is the word under-insurance! The timing for that under-insurance word is not good, as the customer has just occurred a loss to their family home! “If we could make sure under-insurance would not affect us we would,” is what Aussie Home Inventories hears from prospective clients. The only way to keep on top of the under-insurance problem is to take control of the value of home contents. Every Australian home owner needs to spend time accurately working out what the contents in the home are worth. Time spent now on evaluating content worth, will save time and money over time! • Could you supply a value for new contents purchased last year? • If you cannot answer this question immediately, how long would it take to find the information? • Do you have this value recorded from your last insurance cover renewal? If you are not aware of your home content value, then it is correct to say the insurance company is not either! The insurance company has given you some help though, they have added a 5-10% increase to your contents cover renewal. What kind of household is this 5-10% increase suitable for? Yours or Mr. Average! • Do you remember what the increase in the home contents cover, was for your last paid premium? • Was it stated or was there just a renewal figure? • Were you asked to input your new content purchases for the year? OK if we assume the insurance company is making an assumption as to what you have spent, then what happens when you have spent more? There is a lot of assuming here by everyone and we know where that leads us! Is this insurance policy not meant to be covering everything owned in the home? These are hard earned belongings and items of sentimental value, souvenirs of your life! It is time to sit down and try to work out what is covered and what is not! The TIME IS NOW! Everybody thinks they are covered, but what is far more better is knowing for sure! When you send those dollars out of the door to the insurance company you want assurance you are going to collect TOTAL REPLACEMENT FOR ANY LOSS! After all that is what the insurance cover is for! Are the insurance companies trying hard enough to find out the basic facts? If only they asked for information at policy renewal time such as: • Enter the amount spent on contents last year. • List the items and values. This would make the insurance companies life easier, allowing them to work out if the content cover has been increased enough and looking at the separate items, add extra cover types if needed for special items such as artworks, jewellery, computers etc. Remember it is the home owners responsibility in all cases to have the correct information, to have all the details and supply all the details to the insurance company. An insurance company asking for information at renewal time would help everyone. An answer to why there are so many under-insured home owners in Australia could simply be, unawareness! There would be few people aware of the fact and ignoring it, as they may as well not pay the insurance cover premium! To be aware you must be prepared and that means working out values for content cover, by taking stock of home contents. This means all of the contents in the home, garage, basement, storage, loft and sheds need to have a value added! Not an easy task for many homeowners! If this process sounds to daunting a solution is to use a Home Inventory Service. Professionals that take on the job, remove the worry, the doubt and produce a simple solution. This solution being an accurate, complete Digital Photographic Home Inventory of home contents. Information needed to find out what the home contents are worth! The next step is to inform the insurance company of the newly revised home contents value. Advising them that a professional home inventory has been carried out recording all the home contents, validating ownership and presence, on a specific date. This home inventory is easily 'on hand' at all times if so required. Ask the insurance company for any discounts due to the home inventory been performed. The correct cover for the contents of the home has now been reached supplying peace of mind for many home owners. Staying away from the slippery slide into under-insurance means keeping aware of home content additions and adding these to the inventory. Let us assume a home has contents of $30000. A year later the renewal arrives and the policy has increased by 10% of the content value covered, ie by $3000 to $33000. Checking the list of newly purchased items reports $4850. Simply going ahead and paying the premium without adjustments equals under-insurance of 4850 - 3000 = 1850! The correct value of the cover should be amended to $34850. Not many home owners that Aussie Home Inventories has come across even bother to do this easy step! The information needs to be supplied to the insurance company to stop this slide into under-insurance. Not to forget that some of these items may be breaking the maximum cover per item! Clarify the large expenses with the insurance company, especially those that fall under types such as art, jewellery, computers etc. Once a home inventory has been completed, it is easy to stay away from under-insurance by keeping the inventory up to date. A Home Inventory Service will be able to do this for by offering an Annual Update Program. Details are forwarded to the Home Inventory Service where they will supply you and the insurance company with the updated inventory. Aussie Home Inventories surveyed more than 100 people, asking them if they knew what there home content purchases were for the last year. Most replied with the question, “What would they need to know that for! When the same people were then asked if they had contents cover and if they had paid the premium last year the answer was generally YES! The next question asked was, How does your insurance company know what you spent on new purchases, because remember they added the amount to your premium renewal! Next there was silence! The crystal ball at the insurance company has not worked for some time now! Remember there is only one way to reduce and eliminate under-insurance covering home contents. Follow these easy steps: • Workout and record your home contents worth. • Keep a record of the years new content purchases. • Update you insurance company with these details at renewal time. By following the above you will eliminate the chance of underinsurance and keep all items insured for their correct amount, under the correct type of cover. You will also be prepared for loss due to disaster, emergency or theft. You chances of recovery will be more speedily, returning your lifestyle to a level at which you are accustomed. Help your family and friends to avoid the slippery slide to under-insurance by forwarding them this article or the following questions: How Well Does Your Insurance Company Look After You? • When you purchase household goods throughout the year, do you add this added value to your premium? • Does your insurance supplier ask you for the details of these household goods at premium renewal time? • What is the annual increase in premium made up of? • Are you aware of the severity of under-insurance problem in Australia? • Has your insurance supplier made you aware that you may be underinsured? • If you suspect you may be underinsured how & when are you going to correct your cover? • If you suffered a 100% loss and were only 65% covered could you replace the missing 35%? • If you have corrected this underinsurance, do you have an up to date inventory? • When are you going to start your home inventory? • If you have an home inventory is it stored in a fire data safe or outside of your home? SLIPPERY page 6 FeedJournal Basic 3 Moving Inventory With Aussie Home Inventories Is Just To Easy! By Aussie Home Inventories Submitted at 3/2/2008 9:15:09 AM MOVING HOME can be a stressful time and everyone would like it to be a quick, simple and straight forward process! Some people say it can be as stressful as 'getting married!' There are procedures that can easily be put in place, greatly increasing 'peace of mind'. Making the whole process of moving home and relocation, enjoyable! Procedures that safe guard 'these movers', from the unforeseen realities that may occur in the moving process. These realities being damage to, or loss of, hard earned possessions! solutions, to being prepared. Take a moment and focus on, 'loss caused by theft'. STOP! Think what a burglar may know about this new location, about your new home! At Aussie Home Inventories, the 'moving and relocation process', is known to commence well before home contents are placed in their cardboard cocoons! The process finishing once the home has been settled into. This 'settling time' often taking a few months! • Your new home has been advertised as, 'New Goods To Arrive Soon!' WHOOPS! By the real estate agent! • You are most likely unaware of the security and crime issues in this new area. If you asked the previous home owners or real estate agent they most likely, GUESS WHAT? Reported NO crime, or security issues in the area! NO PROBLEMS! After all their main objective is to SELL the home! Did you visit the police station? • Your new home may have been unoccupied for a short time, giving the burglar the edge on checking out the best entry point! properties value, but not for the properties contents. The contents value is often carried over from the old property, not taking into account, those unwanted home contents that were discarded and the new ones added! It is anyone's guess as to what the contents are accurately worth at this time! This could be one of the many reasons why 35% of Australian homes, have contents that are underinsured! Could you recover from a loss if you were found to be 25% under-insured on your contents? If your contents are worth $55,000, that is a BIG LOSS! Of course like most people this task of sitting down one day and taking inventory and correct the contents cover seems to get forgotten! The contents cover remains unknown and usually under-insured! Yet again there is another reason for having a property and contents inventory! Nobody wants to be under -insured! So why do so many people take this risk, at such a vulnerable time? Well, not being aware of the situation, the risk and possible outcomes can be the reason! database details. At Aussie Home Inventories our independent inventories, can be tailored to suit your needs. That is our business and that is what we are professional about! For those of you sold on the idea of taking inventory yourself, Aussie Home Inventories offers two DIY Home Inventory Lists, available for download from their main website or blog. Let us explain what we mean here, by this 'settling time'. The first thing to realise is that the process of moving and relocation, is much more than a trip in the car, with your household contents following somewhere in a van! Ask yourself these questions: Usually when people move and relocate they reduce home contents, pack the boxes and move. Arriving in the new home to reduce some of those contents again! Replacing contents with new items that fit more harmoniously, into their new surroundings! Never leave these item's cardboard boxes outside the home! They make a statement! This is a very exciting time for a burglar, as you are now advertising what you have inside your home! Well as you are now aware, it is time to act. Time to get that inventory taken! Aussie Home Inventories aims to make 'people aware', of how easy it is to be prepared! With your accurate Relocation / Moving Inventory it is time for the day of relocation! You arrive at your new home knowing that if any damage or loss has occurred in the relocation process, you have full documentation to prove this. You have documentation that will allow you to prove ownership and condition of property in case of loss through disaster, emergency or theft. Over the next few weeks of 'settling time' you can finalise your home security and optimise your home insurance contents cover. • What do you know about the crime rate of the area you are moving into? • Have you looked at the security aspects of your home? Does it back onto vacant land and who are your neighbours? • What security features does the new home have, and are they fully functional? These questions need answers! Before the moving process starts. To allow this awareness to create New home owners are often unaware of their new surroundings and home's security, forgetting to turn alarm systems on when not in the routine! They often take weeks to have an alarm installed! At this time, home and contents are vulnerable to theft! Suffering a loss through theft and having no inventory makes it difficult to prove what was stolen! There is no record to expedite theft recovery! Another issue is where the insurance cover has been amended for the It is important to realise that when you move and relocate, you are increasing the risk of loss to your valued possessions, what you have worked hard for during your working lives! What you NEED is a professional accurate record of what you are moving! A Relocation / Moving Inventory supplies you with this accurate record, of what you are about to box! All details are recorded using digital photography which supplies evidence of condition and proof of ownership, at that time. This Relocation / Moving Inventory can be extended to show all of the items details such as serial, model, manufacturer, cost, etc, when used in conjunction with added written or Aussie Home Inventories offers clients, frequent updates for their inventories with safe and secure offsite storage. Moving Inventory With Aussie Home Inventories Is Just To Easy!Well That Is What Their Customers Say! For more information on how their home inventory options can HELP YOU! Call Aussie Home Inventories TODAY or visit their website. Questions For Your Insurance Supplier By Aussie Home Inventories Submitted at 2/20/2008 8:46:49 PM Aussie Home Inventories is asking all home and investment property owners, to to make sure they ask more questions to their insurance supplier. Everyone needs to be more aware, of how their policy covers their property and contents, to make sure they are not one of the underinsured. Under-insurance is not often known until, at the time of claim. By that time it is too late, and there is a LOSS that is NOT COVERED! Aussie Home Inventories wants you to give your insurance supplier, a Call Today! Get the answers you deserve, when you are concerned about making sure your cover is correct! See what answers, your insurance supplier has to the following questions: • Is there a possibility I may be under -insured, with my property and contents cover? • What happens if I am under-insured on the property and suffer a loss? • What happens if I am under-insured on the contents and suffer a loss? • What proof of ownership do you require at the time of loss? • How can I find out if there is under -insurance on my property and contents? • What are you doing to create more awareness, of the fact that underinsurance is a problem in Australia? • Why do you not remind me at renewal time, for a list of new purchases throughout the year, new decorations and renovations? • How is the increase in the premium worked out for property and contents? • What procedure have you in place to make sure my insurance cover is correct at all times? • What discounts do you offer for a professionally completed home inventory of contents? • Do you know of any home inventory service able to take the inventory for me, as I do not have time or skills? Making sure you ask more from your insurance supplier now, will be a gain to both parties in time. As more Australian home owners possess correct home inventories of their property and contents, it makes the process of a claim a lot more easier for all those involved. Aussie Home Inventories would like to hear of your feedback on the, 'Questions For Your Insurance Supplier', please contact us to share your information. Aussie Home Inventories - Home Inventory - Australia 4 FeedJournal Basic Why Seniors Need A Retirement Inventory By Aussie Home Inventories Submitted at 2/18/2008 4:04:22 PM after a loss, life returns to as it was and with the same quality? Adequate insurance cover is only available if the insurance supplier has the correct information. In other words a complete record or inventory of what you own. It may be said that often we assume that by some magic the insurance company, has peeked into our home and calculated the added purchases, that we have made over the last year. If you were create a list of these purchases, would they all be included the insurance premium? Most people when calculating these purchases have found themselves to be unknowingly under-insured! Not knowing this, they would have simply paid the 510% increase in annual premium, thinking all their household goods were covered! What a relief to know otherwise before a claim is made! Climate change is the word on everyone's lips nowadays, with the media reporting an endless supply of disaster after disaster. Australia has had it's fair share of bushfires & floods over the last year. With the increase and severity of these natural disasters, it is no wonder that the insurance companies are starting to make the task of proving ownership the responsibility of the homeowner, before a claim is paid! It makes common sense if you are paying an insurance premium, that you know you are covered correctly and are going to receive a payout at the level you expect! Otherwise why are you paying the premium? Proof of ownership is easily demonstrated by recording item descriptions, serial / model numbers, receipts & warranties backed up by photographs and appraisals. Spending time NOW to create a home inventory is a smart idea! Helping to protect yourself and relieve the trauma of loss through disaster, accident and theft! In today's fast paced world the quickest and most accurate way to create this Throughout your working life you will have worked hard towards your retirement, building assets and accumulating personal property. You will have : • Insured your property & contents against loss through natural disaster, accident or theft. • Prepared a will in readiness for asset reallocation. You no doubt feel that you have done your very best in preparing yourselves, having insurance cover and a will in place. Ask yourself these questions : Are you 100% sure, your property & content insurance cover is enough? • Are you aware of your net worth and importantly are your heirs aware of the value and significance, of what they will inherit? To answer these questions with certainty you need to know what you are truly worth, with a 100% accuracy! A simple way of finding this out, is to take inventory of what you own. This information will allow you to know if your insurance cover is correct and update your will. Have You Correct Insurance Cover? Not having the correct insurance cover is often termed under-insurance and is like having termites! Most Australian households discover this under-insurance after the damage has been done, when making a claim, never knowing it existed! Allowing yourself on the other hand to stay one step ahead is not difficult. For those of you that are still working, you can hopefully cover the cost of loss over the forthcoming years. If you are a retiree though, it is going to be more difficult to cover that loss. Does is not make sense to be prepared? So that personal asset record, is to perform what is known as a digital photographic home inventory. This task is one of the many that a home inventory business can offer you. Getting the inventory done accurately, speedily and saving you the time! The home inventory allows you to realise and eliminate under-insurance and creates an awareness of your net worth. Increasing Your Heirs Awareness Of Their Inheritance. • Are your heirs aware of the value they will inherit? • Are your heirs aware of the the importance and significance of what they will inherit? These questions are crucial especially when the family has heirlooms, cherished objects and other items of significance involved. 



Issue #11 for AHI 7/10/2008 - 9/4/2008 feedjournal.com When A Picture Says A Thousand Words By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 9/1/2008 3:57:00 AM Landlords and tenants have rights and responsibilities, with regards to the rental of property. To create a fair set of rules for landlords and tenants, along with introducing legislative requirements for the 'written tenancy agreement', the Residential Tenancies Act commenced on 30th October 1989. This agreement consists of two parts, part 1 relates to the 'Terms Of The Agreement', and part 2 relates to a 'Property Condition Report', known as a 'PCR'. The Property Condition Report is simply an inventory of the property, taken prior to the start of tenancy, noting the condition of the property. Aussie Home Inventories are specialists in the area of documenting property and contents and are offering landlords, tenants, lodgers and students the opportunity to have a Property Condition Report compiled. They prepare a concise Property Condition Report which details the condition of the property, room by room, noting any inclusions or dilapidations. The landlord & tenant, and in cases where the property is managed, the agent, all receive a copy of this property condition report. The tenant may add additional comments and must return the condition report to the landlord / agent within seven days of the start of lease. The original report and the report returned by the tenant are both then used at the end of a tenancy to ensure the property is returned in the same condition, with consideration given to 'fair wear and tear' accepted. The Property Condition Report usually comprises of a written description accompanied by photographs or video when requested. Information on the process of tenancy, with respect to bond lodgement / refund, property condition reports, inspections and 'fair wear and tear, is easily explained in a download called Tenancy Tips, supplied by the Tenants Union, ACT. Please refer to your own individual states Tenants Assistance Organisation for advice. New South Wales - Tenants Organisation. Aussie Home Inventories supplies independent Property Condition Reports that can save landlords and tenants considerable time and money in the event of a dispute, or avoid the dispute in the first case. At tribunal hearings, photographic evidence is more commonly supporting claims and disputes, being supplied as evidence of property condition. If you are managing a property and would like a professional independent Property Condition Report, then call Aussie Home Inventories for assistance. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia 2 Burned Fingers By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 8/21/2008 8:02:00 PM Suffering a loss of property is understandably a major trauma for most people. It is during the time of recovery, that people wish they had done more in the task of preparation. To prepare not just their property, but themselves for the outcome and recovery. When preparation can make a difference, it is often ignored or put off until it is to late, as it is not seen as important enough, at that time. People may be aware of recent burglaries, but do not get around to fixing the security system, until after the break-in. Many home owners are unaware they are underinsured, until they make a claim, thus any loss not covered is at the property owners expense. In preparation for loss, it always pays to have a property inventory where property and contents are fully recorded and documented. This results in more accurate claims and the chance of faster, more frequent theft recovery. Aussie Home Inventories is seeking information from individuals whom realise they could have done more, to be better prepared. If you have suffered a loss through natural disaster, emergency or theft, they would like to hear from you. Of special interest is information that involves: • Finding out you were under-insured at claim time. • The lack of documentation that could have assisted with theft recovery. • Not having all the required documentation for the insurance supplier. Information can be easily forwarded to their offices via email, or they can be contacted directly. All submitted information will be used anonymously to compile a list of reasons, why people need to be more prepared, learning from the examples of why people did not. The data will be used to compile articles, that will be posted on Aussie Home Inventories websites. This is a place to share your stories, to let others learn, to encourage them to get prepared. If you thought you were prepared and found you were not, Aussie Home Inventories calls this the 'Burned Fingers' syndrome, they would especially like to receive your information. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia Survey II Launch By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 7/10/2008 10:46:00 PM Thank you, to all of you whom took the on-line survey. This survey was created to allow Aussie Home Inventories, to better understand the awareness level amongst the Australian community, of Under-Insurance and Home Inventory Services. The survey results are being collated and will be posted on this blog, and our Home Inventory Service website over the next couple of weeks. The data will allow us to better service, our existing and new clients. The survey has been upgraded to version II and is now hosted on-line at 'group-surveys.com'. This second survey will run through to the end of the year or until we meet a level of submissions. If you missed out on taking the first survey and would like to add your input, please click on the survey button to the left, on the menu bar. The survey takes less than five minutes and varies in length depending on your answers. For more information on the survey and data collected, please read our survey information page. Please vote in our poll on this blog. Your input is greatly appreciated. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia 3 Broadband That Is Off This Planet By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 8/27/2008 9:27:00 PM Aussie Home Inventories is assisting rural and regional area Australians, in getting connected to Aussie broadband internet. Offering eligible clients a subsidised satellite broadband connection, as part of the government's Australian Broadband Guarantee program. After researching the Satellite Broadband providers connected with the program, they are now an agent for a major satellite provider. "We investigated all the providers offerings and know we made a good choice in being able to offer our clients, the best satellite broadband solution. We offer our clients satellite broadband as a service, to those wishing to break free of dial-up, or wanting to join our Annual Update Program. By joining the program clients can simply transfer home and business inventory data to us", said Andrew Goodfellow, Inventory consultant at Aussie Home Inventories. The Australian Broadband Guarantee program is specifically aimed at getting non-ADSL customers on-line. This offer of satellite broadband is open to all Australians whom are unable to be served by a metro-comparable solution. "By offering our client's a more superior service, client's data is easily received and updated, making our inventory service more attractive. This could not have been done without the assistance of an Aussie broadband satellite connection." To find out if you are eligible for a subsidised Aussie broadband satellite program contact Aussie Home Inventories. They offer help and friendly advice, which will assist you in getting connected to Aussie broadband. They even check your eligibility whilst you are on the phone! Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia Online Survey I Results By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 7/20/2008 10:35:00 PM Results for the'Online Survey I' into the'Awareness by Australians of Under-Insurance & Home Inventory Services', are now available. Aussie Home Inventories, would like to know of your comments on the survey results. If you missed the chance to take Survey I, then please take a few minutes to take Survey II. All information collected, will allow Aussie Home Inventories to better understand your needs and offer you a better service. If you wish to use the results of the survey in articles / information releases, we ask that you mention the information source and link back to our main website. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia



Home Inventory Software By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 11/2/2008 8:57:00 PM Are You Looking For Simple, Easy To Use Home Inventory Software? Have You Tried A Few Trial Packages, That Have Almost But Not Quite Met Your Expectations? One Home Inventory Software package that stands out from most, is My Home Inventory. Software that is complex enough to record and document all the information, you will ever need on your property and contents. Aussie Home Inventories, has been using this software for a couple of years. They have had no problems with the software, nor have found a package that is comparable, in simplicity, is easy of use and has excellent design features. Aussie Home Inventories suggests that Home Inventory Software should have: • A simple easy to use interface. • Data input fields, that are reduced to simple clicks of the mouse. • Easily accessible input fields, from one screen. • The ability to output inventory information, in simple formatted reports. Aussie Home Inventories, originally tested over twenty four Home Inventory Service software packages, before deciding to use My Home Inventory. Tired Of Trying To Find The Correct Image In Your Camera, To Add To The Inventory? My Home Inventory eliminates this problem as the software allows for the batch importing of images. With the click of a mouse all the images are imported into the inventory. Items details, are then quickly added whilst in the spreadsheet mode. Both of these well thought out design features, make taking and creating an inventory with 'My Home Inventory', easier and quicker than with other Home Inventory Software packages. My Home Inventory Software has: • All the necessary and required input fields. • Customisable reports and summaries. • Space for three large images per item. • Multiple format import / export options. • An Identification Label Creator. If you are looking for affordable Home Inventory Software that will complete your Home Inventory easily and quickly, then look no further as My Home Inventory is that package. Recommended by the leading Home Inventory Service provider in Australia, who use this software for creating some of their clients home and business inventories. Visit My Home Inventory to get your Home Inventory Software, and start taking your home inventory today. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia 2 How To Speed Up Insurance Claims & Increase Client Retention By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 11/21/2008 8:12:00 PM Being An Insurance Supplier Of Home & Contents, How Efficient Would Your Claims Process Be, If More Of Your Clients Had Inventories? Would A Faster & Accurate Claims Process, Allow You To Reduce Costs & Increase Client Retention? Faster claims and client retention, are just two of the benefits from having insurance policies, supported by accurate documentation of property and contents. Clients with accurate inventories of property and contents are hard to find. Clients have many reasons for not taking inventory, or keeping them up to date. As an insurance supplier, you may have already tried informing your clients of: • DIY Home Inventories. • Home Inventory Software. • On-Line Inventories. These are all good methods of taking inventory. The problem is, they all suffer when clients report reasons for not taking inventory as: • Not Having The Time. • Too Difficult. • Not Having The Necessary Skills. • Lack Of Recording Equipment Or Computers. The result is, most households have no inventory. The PDS, [The Rules Of The Game], supplied with all policies is often too complex for the average policy holder. Often ignored and not looked at until claim time, when of course it is too late for the client. These above failings mean that clients have: • Little Knowledge Of The Policy. • The Chance Of Being Under-Insured. • An Increase In Problems At Claim Time. • A False Sense Of Protection Can The System Be Improved If The Client Has An Inventory That Is Professionally Recorded, By A Home Inventory Service? An inventory that is accurate, and easily forwarded after a loss to the authorities or you, the insurance supplier. A solution that offers the client: • The Elimination Of All The Reasons For Not Taking Inventory. • An Accurate Record Of Property. • The Knowledge That The Insurance Cover Is Correct. A solution that offers you, the insurance supplier: • Clients With Accurate Records. • Clients With A Better Understanding Of Your Policy. • Faster Processing Of Claims. • A Reduction In The Chance of Fraudulent Claims. • Reduced Overheads. • Increased Client Retention. • Future Possibilities Of Reduced Premiums, Due To Accurate Records & Increased Efficiency. Aussie Home Inventories offers a Home Inventory Service, that not only supplies clients with a professional record of property, but a service with an endless list of features & benefits: • Off-Site Storage, That Is Secure & Safe. • An Annual Update Program, Keeping Inventories Up To Date. • Disaster Preparation, Evacuation Suggestions That Prepare Households & Families. Our Global Inventory Information Network offers the visitor products and services, that are aimed at reducing personal and property losses, whilst increasing personal and property protection. If the Aussie Home Inventories solution, of obtaining accurate records of the property you are insuring, whilst increasing the accuracy of claims and processing time appeals to your business, then please contact us for further information. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia 3 Book - CD - DVD - Inventory Scanner By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 10/23/2008 6:02:00 PM If you are a collector of books, CD's or DVD's, and have been meaning to create an inventory of your collection, an easy solution is now available. The' Groqit',[rhymes with grocket], is a personal inventory computer, small enough to fit in your pocket. Aussie Home Inventories is offering this compact easy to use personal inventory device, that quickly takes inventory of books, CD's, and DVD's, simply by scanning their bar codes. The 'Groqit' Personal Inventory Device is portable, allowing easy access to your pre-stored inventories whilst shopping, where you can instantly check titles, or even create 'wish lists' for family and friends to view. Have you ever bought the same book, CD or DVD twice? Do you ask yourself whilst shopping, whether you already have an item in your collection at home? Now you can eliminate this problem. This pocket sized handheld scanner, will simply read the bar code and let you know! You can even use the Groqit, to keep track of what you have previously purchased for your family and friends. Using the Groqit Personal Inventory Device is easy as 1,2,3. Information in the personal inventory scanner is easily uploaded to the manufacturers website, and quickly translated via their comprehensive databases, into detailed listings that include titles, authors, and more. Turn your collections into inventories quickly and easily, with the Groqit Personal Inventory Device. Let your friends know what you are looking for, and realise easily what they want. The 'Groqit' makes life easier in the case of suffering loss, as it contains inventory information that can be quickly used to expedite theft recovery and help with insurance claims. Aussie Home Inventories is offering you the chance to get a Groqit in your Pocket. It is the ideal shopping companion. Compact, simple and invaluable for all your book, CD & DVD collections. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia Enhance Your Collection With Innovative Storage Ideas Global Inventory Information By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 11/8/2008 3:02:00 PM Are You Looking For A Global 'One Stop Shop' For All Your Inventory Information? Aussie Home Inventories is a leader in Home Inventory Services, in Australia and is quickly becoming a Global Inventory Information Centre. Realising a large % of visitors are from overseas, it makes sense for us to increase our efforts, to serve all of our visitors. Over the next few weeks, you will see an increase of information and products, added to the Inventory Information Network, for the global audience. We hope this will make it easier, for you to source the information you need, from our network of home and business inventory sites. Information contained on the Inventory Information Network, already includes common inventory items such as: • Home Inventory Lists. • Home Inventory Software. • Home Inventory Services. We will be adding further focussed information on: • Inventory Creation. • In-Home Services. • Disaster, Emergency & Theft Preparation. • Loss Reduction. • Insurance. • ID Theft. • Property Valuation. GLOBAL page 5 4 Inventory Service Quick Links By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 10/15/2008 7:03:00 PM Aussie Home Inventories has added a ' Home Inventory Service Quick Links' feature, to their website and restructured their links page, to ease the finding of popular Home Inventory Service Information. If you are looking for information on: • Home & Business Disaster, Loss Preparation & Recovery. • PC Disk Data Recovery. • Australian Climate Monitoring. • Family, Home Disaster Planning & Evacuation Procedures. • Fire Safety / Crime Minimisation Suggestions. • Inventory Forms / Lists. • Fire Safety & First Aid Products. • Photo Inventory Insurance Creation. • Home Inventory Software Information. • Home & Business Inventory Service Benefits. • Inventory Service Options & Asset Tagging Services. • Property Condition Reports. • Inventory Discussion / Forums. • Inventory Service & Loss Preparation Brochures. • On-line Surveys. • Inventory Service Information For MP3, Podcast, Mobile. • Insurance Cover Guides. • Inventory Storage, [Off-Site / Fire Safes] & Update Services. • Memory Tests. • Independent Photographic Services. Visit their website to easily find what you need, on inventory information and services for homes and business. Aussie Home Inventories would like to thank you for the ongoing feedback, which is helping to develop this business, and tailor it's services to the needs of the individual and business. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia Home Contents List - Spreadsheet By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 10/26/2008 8:11:00 PM Are you looking for a spreadsheet, to easily add home contents to your Home Contents List? Are you one of those people whom likes the idea of having control, of your own inventory? Maybe you have tried on-line services or do not like the idea of using a Home Inventory Service. Aussie Home Inventories has the solution to get your Home Contents List started. They have just released a Home Inventory Contents List Spreadsheet that eliminates privacy issues, and data transmission issues. Now you can get your spreadsheet style Home Inventory Contents List created easily. The Home Inventory Contents List, is easily modified using your preferred spreadsheet editor, and contains input fields for: • Items Location / Description. • Serial / Model Numbers. • Date Of Purchase & Update. • Purchase Price & Current Value. • Purchased From & Receipt. • Image Location & Notes. Click here for your downloadable FREE Home Inventory Contents List Aussie Home Inventories knows that the only way to prove ownership and condition for insurance purposes, along with expediting theft recovery is to take inventory. With this in mind they are offering you this Home Contents List, a simple solution for you to use, in getting the job done. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia 5 UV Marker Pens - UV LED Torches By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Inventory Service - Australia) Submitted at 11/11/2008 4:33:00 PM Are You Looking To Make Sure, You Have The Best Chance Of Recovering Property If Stolen? The importance of marking property cannot be understated. An inventory of property forwarded to the authorities, as soon as possible after the theft, and the prior invisible marking of your items, with an ID number, is the best solution to maximise theft recovery, of your hard earned possessions. The authorities routinely use UV light, when examining stolen goods. Each year, property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars is recovered. There is a problem though, • 94% Cannot Be Returned To Its Rightful Owner, Due To NO Identification Mark. Increase your chances of recovering your property if stolen, by invisibly marking your valuables with a UV Marker Pen. Authorities and insurance companies encourage the marking of property & contents, with a Drivers Licence Number. The mark left by a UV Marker Pen in ONLY seen under UV light. If you are invisibly marking your valuables, it makes sense to also have the ability to check the invisible mark periodically. For this task you will need a UV LED Torch. Aussie Home Inventories has UV Marker Pens& UV LED Torches available for purchase Australia wide. Visit the Inventory Products page, of their Home Inventory Service website for more information. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia GLOBAL 3 continued from page As from today, the Inventory Information Network is available in all languages, that are supported by the 'Google Translator'. Translated pages can be easily converted, into pages ready for mobile phones, or email after 'pdf' conversion by the on-site applications. We hope this added focus on you the global visitor, assists us with the sharing of information from the Inventory Information Network. If you have information, that you feel would be of interest to our client base, then please help us to help you, by contacting our office by email or phone. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service Australia Advertise With Aussie Home Inventories Would You Like To See Your Products & By Aussie Home Inventories (Home Services On Our Website Or Blogs? page 6 ADVERTISE 6 ADVERTISE continued from page 5 Aussie Home Inventories is looking for business wishing to advertise products and services, on their website and blogs. We are looking at starting a paid advertising program to assist with the funding of our Inventory Awareness Program called: SAFE - S ecure A rchives for F uture E vents. We are looking for businesses that offer our clients services and products that are involved in: • Disaster Preparation • Evacuation Procedures • Survival Equipment • Loss Prevention • Property / Personal Security Paid for advertisements on sites managed by Aussie Home Inventories will be marked as 'sponsored'. The placing of an advert will in no way be an endorsement by Aussie Home Inventories of the particular service or product. If you represent a business that is interested in participating, please contact our offices. Advertisement revenue will go towards funding the SAFE Inventory Awareness program. Aussie Home Inventories- Home Inventory Service - Australia


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