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A selection of our brochures / printed matter is available for download.

Further Home Inventory information is available from our DOWNLOADS page.

Printed copies will be forwarded to Professionals involved in Home Insurance : Home Sustainability : Real Estate : Home Moving : Law & Legal Services : Disaster Preparedness on request. Please call our offices for more information.


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DO YOU VALUE YOUR PROPERTY & CONTENTS? OF COURSE YOU DO! Will Your Standard Of Living Remain The Same After A Loss? Homeowners - Are you aware of the protection your family and home has in case of property & content loss, from disaster, emergency or theft? Is your content cover sufficient and up to date? Landlords - Are your tenants taking care of your property? No matter how carefully you choose your tenants, how will accident, negligence and time have an impact on the value and rental potential of your property? Whether you own a home, business, investment property or are renting, Aussie Home Inventories is here to record your property and contents to reduce the impact of any loss! Did you know? 35% of all contents cover is markedly under-insured in Australia! ? 26% of homes in NSW have no property or contents insurance! ? 70% of tenants have no contents cover! ? 23% of Aussie homes have no property or contents cover! ? Source - Insurance Council of Australia Spending A Little Could Save You $$$ Who Are We? Aussie Home Inventories is a leader in the digital photographic inventory business. As our business has grown so has our reputation for offering a uniquely personal and private service. What We Offer Home & Business Digital Photographic Inventories, recording your property and contents for personal and / or legal use. Our inventories are used for, Optimising Insurance Cover Arranging Prenuptial Agreements Estate Planning Assisting Divorce Settlements Realising Personal Worth Why Risk What You Have Worked Hard For? All our consultants will respect your privacy and make you aware of their business ID & Police Clearance. How We Help You, Moving House - A relocation inventory protects against transit or storage loss. Home Purchase - The ideal time to realise your contents insurance when the old is replaced with new. Estate Planning - Your inventory will serve as the starting block for estate / financial planning. Investment Property - Written inventories that protect your investment and reduce dispute. Prenuptial Agreement - An inventory suitable for married couples and those in co-habitation. Divorce Settlement - Assisting with asset ownership during legal matters. An Aussie Home Inventory allows you to stay one step ahead and your families standard of living to remain the same! Peace Of Mind For You & Your Family Our Main Services Digital Photographic Inventories, Images Stored On CD / DVD Printed Index Of Images Detailed Information Certification Of Completion Written Guarantee Off-Site Secure Storage Annual Update Program Property Condition Inventories A comprehensive inventory for landlord and tenant. This detailed record of contents includes the condition of walls, ceilings, floors, paintwork, windows, locks etc. Digital Video Inventories All property recorded to DVD. Digital Photographic Assignments We have the technology and expertise to perform property, insurance & finance related digital photographic assignments. Who Uses Our Services? Home Owners Business Landlords Tenants Protecting What Matters! Aussie Home Inventories Andrew Goodfellow Inventory Consultant [M] 0428 449 422 Call Today! Get Prepared Tomorrow! www.aussiehomeinventories.com.au Aussie Home Inventories PO Box 597 Macksville NSW 2447 Office [T] 02 6564 7282 ABN 89 945 871 580 Secure Archives for Future Events










Further Home Inventory information is available from our DOWNLOADS page.

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