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Loss Preparation Suggestions & Tips Directory - Increasing Personal & Property Preparation

Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory

Aussie Home Inventories wants to make sure you act as soon as possible, on increasing your home and families safety and protection from loss. A common reason for lack of action, is lack of information. Our collection of suggestions and tips will allow you to increase planning and preparation resulting in the safety and protection you need.






Home Inventory Creation Tips - Creating Your Home Inventory

Home Inventory Management Tips - Managing Your Home Inventory

Home Inventory Storage Tips - Storing Your Home Inventory

Home Inventory Data Usage Tips - Using Your Home Inventory Data

Choosing A Home Inventory Service Provider Tips - The Information You Need To Ask

Choosing A Fire Safe / Data Safe Tips - Keeping Your Home Inventory & Documents Safe

Choosing A Camera For Taking Inventory Tips - Making The Correct Choice Of Camera

Choosing A Camcorder For Taking Inventory Tips - Making The Correct Choice Of Camcorder

Choosing An Online Home Inventory Service Tips - Helping You To Make The Best Choice

Choosing Home Inventory Software Tips - Good Software Makes Taking The Inventory Easy

Home Security Tips - Making Sure Your Family & Home Has The Best Protection

Personal Safety Tips - Increasing Your Personal Safety Whilst In The Home

Home Fire Safety Tips - Reducing The Risk Of Fire In The Home

Home Disaster Preparation Tips - Increasing Your Preparedness Before Loss

Home Disaster Survival Tips - Increasing The Rate Of Survival After An Event

Home Evacuation Planning Tips - Planning Your Successful Home Evacuation

Home Evacuation Box Tips - The Paperwork You Need In A Crisis

Home Evacuation Kit Tips - Creating A Home Evacuation Kit

Home Contents Insurance Tips - Understanding Your Insurance Better

Home Contents Protection Tips - Increasing The Protection Of Your Valuables

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Supplier - Making Sure You Are Getting What You Are Paying For

Home Bushfire Preparation Tips - Preparing Your Home For Bushfire

Home Flood Preparation Tips - Preparing Your Home For Flood

Home Storm / Hurricane Preparation Tips - Preparing Your Home For Storm : Hurricane : Cyclone






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AHI - Helping You To Achieve A Quick Recovery

Making A Claim Without An Inventory! Where Would You Start?


The following video by Money Talks [America] with Stacey Johnson, simply states the obvious solution, as being a Home Inventory, when it comes to being prepared for loss.

Rich Connette a Property Loss Consultant states, "I've yet to meet a person in 17 years, that knew exactly everything that they owned. The insurance company wants you to write down everything, down to the sock! If you don't remember, the insurance companies like that because that's just less money that they have to pay out."



So are you one of the homeowners Rich is talking about, "Virtually zero homeowners are prepared enough to make their insurance company pay."

Could You Evacuate Your home In 10 Minutes? - Watch This Video As Two Families Take The Challenge!


Suggestions & Tips Directory  Disaster News  Earthquake Monitor  Disaster Preparation
Home Evacuation Video  Disaster Videos Directory

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Suggestions & Tips Directory - To Increase Personal / Property : Planning : Preparation : Safety : Survival


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